The Window

Football fans do get themselves very worked up over the transfer window, don’t they ? Like most other Charlton fans, I was refreshing my twitter all night until I gave up at 1105pm and went to bed only to find out this morning that we finally signed the much needed winger and top scrabble score name Diallang Jaiyesimi. That was a relief and hopefully stopped the legions of despairing twitter fans from spontaneously combusting.

I am totally in agreement with my blogging colleague , Chicago Addick that it has been a very good window for us. Stockley is a clear upgrade on Bogle. Matt Smith is a clear upgrade on Levitt. Millar looks very good so far and will create and deliver more than Maddison. Schwartz is a proven goalscorer and given the service, he will score goals.

I don’t really understand some of the moaning about Maddison and Williams. Firstly, Maddison is clearly a difficult person to manage and for someone like Bowyer who believes that everything is about the team rather than the individual, it was always going to be difficult. By the way, did you ever see Maddison smile in any photos or videos or even after he scored he looked miserable and moody. The rest of the team were very slow to congratulate him. Life’s too short to indulge people like that – best to ship him out asap.

Johnny Williams in contrast is always smiling and he is an excellent player on his day and very popular with everyone , fans and teammates alike. Ultimately though its about contribution on the pitch and only 2 goals in 60 appearances as an attacking midfielder probably says it all. His opening comments at Cardiff were to say that he believes Mick McCarthy will give him ‘ the belief and freedom to express himself’. That doesn’t really sound like a Mick McCarthy instruction does it and in the end I think Lee got a bit fed up with giving Johnny free rein to express himself (or not) without much end product. He is what used to be described as a ‘luxury player’. It may be that the Championship which is less physical will prove a better place for him. Anyway, we all wish him well.

2 thoughts on “The Window

  1. Yeah well e stepped up JW so well done to im n e was always pleased to play dahn our gaff n didn’t moan like some of ourn or the other one leavin. I don’t think much of is blog, yourn is much better.

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