Defence is the best form of ……defence

Regardless of how many signings we make, I’m getting fed up with watching home games on Valley Pass where we are attacking one minute with 6 or 7 of our players in and around the opposition penalty box and then the move breaks down and either their goalie punts it downfield or one of their defenders and all of a sudden they are one on one with our centre half or sometimes even Ben Amos. Lets face it, last night, Pompey had enough chances to score six or seven. Marquis in particular missed 3 open goals. Its not just last night its been every home game for weeks now.

The loss of Inniss and Famewo has been huge BUT we’ve got two other decent League 1 centre halves with JP and Deji. I think it is a fundamental mistake not to play people in their natural positions when available. Jason may have made a couple of mistakes recently but he’s also the same bloke who kept Mitrovic in his pocket just last season- he is a proper centre half and should have played last night which allows Gunter to play a right back which is his proper position.

But the biggest problem is that we are far too open defensively at home. You could drive a double decker bus between Maatsen and Matthews, the wing backs and the 2 central defenders. Add to that Pratley ( who I love) is playing 5 or 10 yards too far forward so the central defenders are getting no protection, particularly if he loses the ball. Shinnie and Morgan don’t offer enough defensively, so we are constantly overrun.

In Curbs day , we would set up more defensively at home and let the opposition come at us for a while and then break quickly with pace.

If we are to get anywhere this season , which looks increasingly unlikely, we’ve got to stop letting goals in at home. Its all very well Bow saying we didn’t need to bring in any new defenders in this window and I can accept that argument, but then he can’t keep setting the team up to let in a minimum of 2 goals, sometimes 3 or 4 goals against the better attacking units.

We have to have a platform to play from and that means changing the system to enable us to win 1-0 at home.

8 thoughts on “Defence is the best form of ……defence

  1. I am afraid the horse has already bolted (ie the transfer window is now closed). Anybody who watches Charlton regularly will know that while we have two players for each CB position, two have been injured for ages and one is sadly coming to the end of his career at this level. Due to JP’s pace tailing off dramatically he now resorts to grappling with opponents and regularly giving away cheap freekicks, or worse.

    I agree that Pearcey gave a very good showing against Mitrovic last season and he has been a great player for the club. However, JP picked up an injury that he was out with for a while and since coming back he has not been the same player. Deji hasn’t long returned from injury himself and is still getting back in the groove. Bows needed to spot this, as fans have, and address these important issues. The defence has struggled since inniss and Famewo have been out. If you can keep a clean sheet then you have a chance but l think we have now blown this season leaving us with too much ground to make up. The absence of so many CBs was the perfect chance to give Barker a run with less pressure on him. After all, there were no other proper CBs to choose from. Barker played so well as CB at Swindon so why not? He didn’t go out on loan either so what was the point of keeping him at Charlton if he is considered not to be ready? Even now, Barker should be given more games to establish if he is good enough for a promotion push next season.

    I despair because the January window was the opportunity to address the CB issue and the chance has been blown. Self inflicted pain imo!
    I am not Bowyer out because l believe that he has earned the right to put things right in difficult circumstances. I do think, however, that he needs to stop tinkering and stick with players who secure wins. If those who are out of the side don’t like it then tough – work harder! He should be given the chance to finish the season but fans need to see some evidence of a plan coming together

  2. Bowyer now needs to adjust his formation to suit the players he has,and the match in front of him.Playing the ‘diamond’ against every team just does not work,it leaves us too open on the flanks at times and susceptible to quick counter attacks.
    Along with that we should have got hold of a central defender in the transfer window,regardless of what Bow’s said.

  3. A question for you all “Who will be ready to step into the hot-seat if the fans get their way and Bowyer leaves”? Jason Euell has applied for the managers’ job at AFC Wimbledon (his former club)…

  4. As we are letting in 2 or 3 goals every game – why not use our fullbacks that are more defensive Gunter and Purrington and then actually use Oshilaja and Pearce as CBs . All four of these realise that they must defend first before flying forward like Maatson and Martthews who are both good going forward but neither are good defenders – also gives us more height for dead ball situations.

  5. Well defence is the best form of attack n thass all there is to it. Solid defendin, clean sheets thass wot ourn need n we needed more defenders not attackers. King Lee took ourn up before n deserves the chance to defeat the Bowyerphobes on ere n take ourn up again.

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