Betting on Charlton

I very rarely bet on Charlton because it tempts fate too much and on the few occasions I have since 1998 , Ive lost. I say 1998 because I had a very large bet on us to beat Sunderland on the premise that if we lost, I’d be miserable anyway and if we won it would heighten the high – if that’s possible – well it certainly paid for a big celebration !

Anyway, I consulted the Racing Post this morning as the oracle of betting to find out that not only are we odds on to win at Rochdale but we are 2nd in the whole British leagues behind Rangers since we last lost at odds on. Rangers are well ahead on 26 games but we are second on 12 games , one ahead of Leeds on 11 and Tottenham on 9. Ooooooooohhhhh God this sounds worrying for our trip to Rochdale with our leaky rearguard and their tiny pitch.

I cant let this opportunity pass without mentioning the fact that I have only ever had 4 bets at The Valley itself. However , in 2 of those bets, I backed Talal El Karkouri to score against Everton and us to win 2-0 ( or 2-1, I cant remember which) – I put £10 on at 125-1 and they didn’t have the cash to pay me out at £1250 behind the covered end and in another bet I had £20 on Sam Sodje to score the first goal against Huddersfield at 40-1, so I got £800 back.

The Everton game is the only game I have ever been to when Ive been hoping that Charlton didn’t score another goal – doesn’t seem right does it ?

I pretty much retired from Charlton bets after that because I decided I just couldn’t be that lucky again.

Here’s hoping Charlton make it lucky 13 games tomorrow- ……………oh no its 13 ………………..

4 thoughts on “Betting on Charlton

  1. I have not one an Accumulator bet in ages because I always go for a Charlton win (home or away). I try and predict the outcome of the League One matches, been close a few times!!!

  2. I rarely bet on Charlton but about 4 years ago during Dushitalots reign, we were away to Middlesboro and had just had another change of manager. My son put a £10 bet on for me that we would lose 5-1 at odds of 25-1. My heart was racing when at 4-1, in injury time, Middlesbro were awarded a free kick just outside the area. And yes..I have never cheered an oppos goal before but as the commentary announced the goal, my wife came running to see what the noise was. When I texted my son, he replied that he had forgotten to put the bet on….followed 5 mins later by…’only joking!!’

  3. Well I played fifa 21 yesterday and beat Rochdale 5-0.
    Washington hatrick , swartz , and ( Ricky jade jones)
    You know what you got to do.

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