Round Pegs in round holes

Rochdale are definitely not very good so I don’t think we should get carried away with the performance yesterday, but it was an excellent result and well deserved. I remain convinced that playing the players in their preferred natural positions is the best solution and bringing JP back yesterday alongside Deji, with Purrington and Gunter in their normal full back positions was very welcome. It’s not the Champions League ( yet !) , we are playing in the 3rd division and I think we should keep it simple.

Jason Pearce got some stick on social media after the mistakes against Accrington and Peterborough but he is a proper battling physical centre half and he was excellent yesterday and if he is fit and available I would play him there in preference to Gunter and Pratley all day long. Likewise with Deji, who looks comfortable there.

Just an aside about social media posts. Quite rightly there is uproar about some of the disgusting racist abuse that some so called fans post on twitter. They should extend that pledge to stop it to include all abuse of footballers on twitter etc for all footballers and all types of abuse. Some of the language and abuse that Charlton fans post and use when talking about our own players is disgraceful. Do they really think that the players aren’t affected negatively by reading it, they are only human.

Twitter posters need to ask themselves carefully if their post is likely to cause offence and if so , don’t do it.

4 thoughts on “Round Pegs in round holes

  1. I agree but social media is full of ate speech n there aint any controls, iss an abuse of free speech. The club should ban the ones doin it whether iss raicst, omophobic or exenophobic. Players are better off not readin it iss all rubbish. Still a good win for ourn n King Lee yesterday should shut up them Bowyerphobes on ere.

  2. Couldn’t agree more about round pegs in round holes. I have been critical of JP (not abusively!) but l’m more than happy to be proved wrong. As you say, we shouldn’t get carried away with the result against a poor Rochdale side but it is a good start. For Charlton to put a good run together though l do think the fitness of Famewo and Inniss is pivotal, and the elimination of basic errors by those who deputise for Akin and Ryan, as well as others, is vital.

  3. Same defence next game please Mr Bowyer. Very good result even though Rochdale did not offer much of threat. Gillingham next and hopefully three more points. Like the look of the team now, the attack looks quite frightening.

  4. It wasn’t just getting the right players in the right positions…Bow played a 4-4-2 formation that was right for the game. Their wingers and goal scoring threats were neutralised and in attack we played to our strengths – getting the ball wide and then bringing the forwards into play. Bow has played 3-5-2, 5-3-2 and all kinds of variations with not much success, with this squad playing a back-to-basics 4-4-2 formation looks right. In football cliche style lets look to the next match and then go from there. This is a strange old division – Lincoln leading it and Hull losing to bottom placed Burton. There’s still everything to play for. Rochdale are not a strong team, but they still needed to be beaten.

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