Double Edged Sword for Thomas

I’ve got to claim some kind of credit here, because in my blog of January 13th entitled ‘ The Salary Cap and the PFA’ I argued that the salary cap was clearly a restraint of trade and would not stand up to legal challenge. Lo and behold, it appears that today – after the Transfer Window has closed – the independent panel has ruled that its a ” breach of obligations under the constitution of the PFNCC.”’ ( whatever that means !!!). It seemed that me that any idiot could have seen that it wouldn’t stand up legally. Yet again it has taken from August 2020 when the PFA raised the objection to Feb 21 for the independent panel to rule on this.

Its shades of Sheffield Wednesday’s points deduction enquiry yet again. We really seem to be on the end of some terrible bad luck with these ridiculously long enquiries. Its also very convenient that the result comes through just after the transfer window has closed.

Anyway, its generally good news for us but I suspect that Thomas is going to view it with a little bit of trepidation. Although Thomas has saved us and appears to be a thoroughly decent and wealthy man, he is not super wealthy and is unlikely to want to invest the eye watering sums that many Championship sides have ‘invested’ to try and get success. Look at Derby and Notts Forest as 2 examples. He will also be conscious that some Charlton fans will have unrealistic expectations of how much money he is prepared to spend chasing the dream. Boringly, little Brentford are the examplar to follow here, buying the best lower league players and some overseas players and selling one or two each year to balance the books.

Steve Gallen and Bow should be making a list now of the Top 30 players aged under 25 in Leagues 1 and 2 and start tapping them up ( sorry- I mean contacting the players representatives) for next season.

5 thoughts on “Double Edged Sword for Thomas

  1. Had the PFA appeal decision been reached before, rather than after, the January transfer window, then it might have been possible to secure Doughty on a more generous contract, and give Lapslie another year to prove his worth?

  2. While Sangaard likely doesn’t have the bottomless pockets needed to compete with some of the wealthier clubs, there’s always the possibility we see him bring in an investor or two (Barclay?) to add funds to help build the club.

  3. Yeah but thass wot ourn did under KR n QK, buy the best players from lower leagues or non league even. It gives theirn the chance to prove theirselves n I aint into all this money for money sake some want dahn our gaff. The club as to work iss way up on ard graft n thass the only way to go abahrt it. I ope the EFL appeals.

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