Frankly Who Knows ?

Our home results have been so poor that I guess the answer is that we just aren’t good enough to get promoted. It’s difficult to take because the Division is full of rubbish teams. I don’t have anything against Gillingham but they weren’t very good and will be closer to the bottom than the top at the end of the season. I would have picked the same team as Bow and, apart from letting 3 goals AGAIN, I thought we played well, but that’s no good is it ???

If I’m honest I don’t know the solution either. I’m not a great fan of Shinnie because our back 4 needs more protection and although I know he is a talented lad but I still think our midfield is too lightweight physically when he plays. The loss of JFC was a turning point today, he has been playing the best football of his Charlton career, he will be a big miss if he is out for long. Purrington had an excellent game until the 86th minute when he backed off too far for their 3rd goal – its all just too depressing and predictable.

If I had to guess, I would say that we will finish in mid table. This summer is going need a huge player recruitment ( again). The big worry has to be up front where we have to assume that Chuks will go to a Championship club to sit on the bench. Stockley will return to Preston and hope for a Championship move, likewise Millar to Liverpool which will leave us with Washington and Ronnie (who has so far looked out of his depth)`. Recruiting a couple of 10-15 goals a year strikers will be a big challenge.

In defence and the middle, there will be a huge clear out too, Watson, Pratley, Pearce, JFC, Deji ,Morgan on top of the loanees, Maatsen and Famewo.

Depressingly, Its going to be as big a rebuild as all of the last few years and consequently I think it will take 3 seasons to get out of this division which is how long it has always taken us.

I want to be optimistic but I don’t feel it

11 thoughts on “Frankly Who Knows ?

  1. I never thought this year would be one of promotion celebrations. When we all look back on this last 18 months we should be surprised that the whole management structure is still in situ. If I were LB and/or JJ I would have been off at the earliest opportunity!
    But we are lucky…they care about this Club of ours and didn’t give up. November/December 2019…new owners…January 2020 false promises…no money for new players. Transfer window disappears. I forget the rest of the disappointments in 2020 but I bet LB hasn’t.
    Then along comes a Danish Knight in shining armour who still had a number of battles to fight against ‘would be owners for a pound’ and ‘we’re hear to take the clubs future in a downward spiral’ until he can claim to have won his battle to save us.
    By then we’ve faced relegation…we all know what happened next so I won’t elaborate any further.
    Back end of 2019…beginning 2020…out of administration…but in a recently approved salary cap…we need players….January window…who is left available…loan players plus the odd one available to buy.
    Summarising….we now have a team consisting of a number of loan players who are all likely to return to their parent club at the end of the season and a few of our own….you cannot expect Lee Bowyer and his Merry men to work miracles under these present conditions….hence my initial remark about promo!
    Give the guys some slack…..take the expectant pressure off them….let the rest of this season be one of learning for us all…in Lee Bowyer and Jonny Jackson we must trust!

    • Derek
      I’m not calling for Bow’s departure but I think the loyalty thing is a bit overdone, he gets paid c £400k a year and he lives nearby – it’s not a gig he would want to swop that easily – would you ???
      Agreed RIP Chris

      • Not sure…..if I was as keen on fishing as LB is and am the proprietor of a Fish Lake in a nice part of France which I’m pretty sure would provide me with a decent, no stress, income and lifestyle…..I’d probably say ‘bonjour’! See yer! I’m off! 🥳🥳

  2. A bit big-headed there are some good teams in league1, Charlton is just an average league1 side who think they should still be in the premiership get a life you should have gone under last season.

  3. The expected return of Ryan Inniss and Akim Famewo hopefully will end the misery at the centre of our defence. I will be happy to take mid-table finish (above Gillingham and Mr S Evans). Promotion back to the Championship will not happen with this current team. Give Bowyer and Jacko and Gallen a couple more seasons to completely re-build with fresh Permanent signings. Come on you Reds. RIP Chris and Sebbo and many other Charlton family members that we have recently lost.

  4. I think we played well.
    Gillingham are nothing but thugs. The language from the Gillingham Manager was despicable. Does he not realise that kids are watching these games and they can hear what’s coming out of his vile mouth.
    It’s my opinion that he intimidated our players and the officials.
    Then when Chucks got sent off the goalie and one of the players were smiling. Disgusting.

  5. Hi Christine….talking about bad language….l was one of the 2000 successful fans admitted to our first game ‘back’ on December 2, against MK DONS…..the seat I was allocated was virtually on the touchline and as near to the opposition dug out as was possible. The Stadium was so, so quiet and voices echoed incredibly loudly. Steve Evans has always been a loud mouth…tirade after tirade every match..but he has nothing exceptional against the foul mouthed Dons staff members…don’t get me wrong…I’m not averse to the odd swear word believe you me, but there is a time and place for everything….I commented to CAFC about my experience ‘being back’…..I did not enjoy being there!
    The people seated around me, socially distanced, were a few families..mum, dad and kiddies under 10….what they were doing there at their age in the cold and after 8pm only the parents know…but one ‘dad’, in the company of his two children was really ‘giving it large’…….f*** this and f*** that….honestly I was embarrassed! At Charlton I’ve always made my objections known to any man swearing in the hearing of a lady….being the Club we are there are several who sit within earshot….it is so unnecessary and disrespectful at the same time.
    Don’t get me wrong…since losing my wife 5 years ago…she never swore in her life and I never swore in her earshot, I find I’m using ‘bad language’ more but the walls don’t seem to mind!
    Stay safe, Derek Perkins

    • Derek – I think the effect of the small socially distanced crowds made this worse – I had a terrible bloke and his woman behind me at the Wimbledon game – their language was disgusting

      • Seems to me that the ‘F’ word is the only descriptive adjective known to man/woman today! Trouble’s been that since this word has been accepted by Sensors in film and tv its ‘ok’ to be used regardless of the circumstances!
        Having said all that the class of game played by our Charlton this season leads even me to mutter ‘WTF’ was that….but to myself!

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