Truly Madly Awful

Lets be honest, windy or not , that was a terrible performance. Thomas appears convinced that we have the best squad man for man in the Division. Sorry TS, but we definitely do not. The biggest area of weakness is the midfield. If you consider that 2 seasons ago, we had Cullen, Bielik, Aribo, Fosu, Williams and Lapslie with Pratley and Morgan playing only when needed it tells you all you need to know.

Pratley and Watson are good players but at the end of their careers and the opposition work to get Pratley booked every week which causes us problems. JFC is our best midfielder by a street and we missed him today, we made Duffy look like Pirlo. The midfield is physically weak.

Ronnie plays like the kid at school who hangs around the goal, hoping for a defender to miss it. Ronnie, mate this is professional football and even in the 3rd tier defenders don’t really do that. You have to sometimes get in front of your defender and keep the ball or hold it up. Did he actually touch the ball when he was playing ? So far, he has been incredibly disappointing. He has to discover some kind of physicality to his game or he will be back to Denmark at the end of this season. If you wanted to be critical of Bowyer, it would be fair to say that playing away at Fleetwood with a Force 9 gale blowing off the North Sea with the ball in the air for most of the game was never a game to play Ronnie.

The only pluses today were the return of Famewo and he and Deji played well. Stockley is a very good player at this level but needs a pacy partner alongside him, like a Bradley Wright Phillips. I’m not a fan of Shinnie, he is a luxury player like Williams but his end product is better, witness his cross for the goal. If Lee keeps him next season , he will need some younger, very competitive and energetic players around him which, aside from JFC, we do not currently have.

9 thoughts on “Truly Madly Awful

  1. It was a shocking display by two poor teams yet Fleetwood managed 22 shots (8 on target) to Charlton’s 4 (1 on target). The excuse this time was the windy conditions and, quite frankly, the never ending catalogue of excuses after each game is very tiresome and is beginning to wear a bit thin. Sooner or later Bows and the team need to hold their hands up and actually take some responsibilty for these totally inept performances. This team is woeful and any talk of a top six finish is totally unrealistic. Oh well, on to the next game against bottom club Burton. No doubt Charlton will manage to make them look like Brazil too ?

  2. Shockin juss shockin, ourn can’t blame the wind dahn their gaff for it either. King Lee should’ve ave got in more defenders in the transfer windah cos thass wass lackin, solid defendin gives wins. Juss ask King Curbs.

  3. I did listen to the commentary on Charlton’s Valley Pass and thought it was dreary after we had scored a very good goal. Fleetwood was the not the place to be wearing a wig today. Top six, forget it with this current side; maybe try next season. I think we will end up mid-table. The teams above us are all finding their form now (not sure about Portsmouth). Dread to think what sort of match it will be on Tuesday night against Burton Albion, who now look destined for League Two. I’ll still follow the commentary as there will be more goals. I’m trying desperately hard to keep the faith, but it is getting tough now.

  4. I have to agree…we did not at anytime today master the conditions whereas Fleet play in them every home match…you’d think that Amos would have realised that his goal kicks into the sky would bring his own players under pressure.
    I always remember what one of our 60’s players was nicknamed by the Press…a Welsh international by the name of Graham Moore…,..
    ‘Ball on the floor Moore’ they called him…anybody remember?
    Well it’s time that LB instigated the same philosophy…. no Forster-Caskey meant that our midfield was non existent-young Smith was subbed early, along with 3 others!
    5 loaners out there today and the only one who left with any credit was Akin Famewo who has been greatly missed…he’s the sort of player we need to sign on a long term contract! With Norwich setting out their stall for a quick return to the Premiership I doubt that he would not want to be a part of that!
    No…we can only accept that this season will be one of survival…I just don’t see us even scrambling into the top 6…sad to say!
    The Godalming Gourmet

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  6. It becomes clearer by the game. The players have no respect for Bowyer and his incomprehensible formations and tactics, he’s lost them.

  7. AA just being pedantic here, but Fleetwood is on the west coast so the much discussed and blamed windy conditions must have been from the Irish Sea.

    • Rick – your pedantry is very acceptable, when I wrote it, I thought I’d better check but didn’t bother – that’ll teach me !!- I’ll never know how I passed Geography ‘O’ level !!!

  8. Please am I the only one who thinks that the goalkeeper is not very good? Amos seems immune from criticism but if you look back at the goals we have conceded from headers in our 6 yard box a simple catch or punch of the attackers head problem solved Rooted to the spot .maybe he has been told by bowyer or goalkeeping coach to stay on his line.

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