The Bowyer Hokey Cokey

In or out, in or out, shake it all about. It would be fair to say that the various social media outlets, twitter, Charlton Life, Into the Valley etc have all been very busy with opinions about whether our Lee should receive the Spanish Archer…..El Bow for Lee Bow

I think like most of the sensible fanbase, I am torn on the topic. Our home record is frankly shocking and there is every prospect that Blackpool who are half reasonable will beat us on Saturday to deepen the gloom. It is also true that Burton, like most of our recent Valley visitors could have scored more on Tuesday night. Although we were great for 20 minutes, the remaining 70 or so we were poor and quite often second best to Burton who are bottom of the Division. Our defending and cohesiveness as a Group has dropped off a cliff.

Watson for example has morphed from the commanding leader of the Orchestra to the bloke at the back of the band who occasionally tinkles the cymbals.

On the flip side, we have generally been good away from home and notched up some decent victories. Bow has struggled with the legacy of turmoil from previous seasons and a managerial change heightens the risk if we get it wrong.

So, I have concluded that after careful consideration, I am delighted to say, it’s not my decision or my money and so whatever Thomas Sandgaard decides is fine with me.

I’m not going to moan or agitate one way or another- its over to you TS to decide and that’s absolutely fine with me.

Good luck with that.

2 thoughts on “The Bowyer Hokey Cokey

  1. I am keeping faith with Bowyer and Jackson but the team needs a complete re-build as we have too many players now who seem to have lost the plot and are not giving 100% to the cause. Get shot of all the “old boys” and start again with some fresh youth who want to play for Charlton Athletic. I have now given up on this season and like many other fans I am anxiously waiting to see what Thomas Sandgaard has to say on the matter. COYR.

  2. I’m not giving up on LB and associates. The wider picture has to be observed. Since he took over he’s never been in a financial position to make the team ‘his own by choice’. Duchatelet was still in charge when he took the coaching position….not a good start…against all the odds he delivered a Wembley play off back into the Championship (I’ll always remember where I watched it -a Sports Bar on a Greek Island with my family during the half-term break)……end of 2019 there was a ‘take over attempt’ where promises were made to LB about who he could bring in, in the January window to help us adjust to a higher division….it turned out they were empty promises….no money cometh forth…..I was at one of the Home matches in January 2020….I wasn’t watching the match (we were struggling) but more concentrating upon LB on the touchline…my seat gives me a good view of the dug out area…..his body language made me comment to the guys we sit with….those that took my advice saw a guy in inward disappointment..hands in his pocket, shoulders rounded…..the reason for this was not at that time one for public knowledge…..the next few weeks it all came out and it proved ‘my little grey cells’ had reasoned out the why (I love Hercule, don’t you?) Then relegation!
    No ‘actual takeover’ in the proper sense- just some chancers attempting to milk us financially.
    We all have read of the following months….all doom and gloom…little to be done in the summer window except wave goodbye to many of our first team players.
    By the time TS completed his takeover…only just escaping Administration…it was too late for Bowyer to go out and buy anyone worth buying because of Administration, then the Salary Cap came in so we just couldn’t enthuse any decent player to join us! I have to be sympathetic here….you have ‘one of our own’ attempting to bring CAFC back up to ‘supposedly’ where we belong….we have no Divine right to be higher than where we are and those fans calling for the head of LB need to be reminded of that…he’s doing his very best with those he’s brought in, and the plan for this Club of ours is improvement, improvement, improvement…..not immediate promo…we supporters have to be realistic…..we’re nowhere near ready for that! Cut the guy some slack please!
    The Godalming Gourmet

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