Soft Centre Charlton

I think all of us would have predicted another defeat given that the team’s confidence is completely shot. Our one tactic of lump it up to Stockley is symptomatic of our clueless tactics.

The minute I saw the team selection I texted my mate that we would be overrun in the middle again. When you let at least 2 goals in every week and often 3 goals, you cant play 2 wingers and a 35 year old bloke ( Pratley) and Shinnie who is very slow and doesn’t really do tackling. For the first goal Shinnie was outmuscled and for the 2nd goal no one in midfield challenged the scorer. Its all very well blaming the defenders but they never get enough cover from the centre of midfield, Playing DJ instead of the energetic legs of Smith was a catastrophic tactical mistake.

Secondly, in the absence of JFC, I understand why Pratley has to play, but every team targets him to get 2 bookings so him getting sent off was pretty obvious to all of us. Apart from the fact that he was stupid for the 2nd yellow, the sensible thing would have been to take him off at half time.

First of all, the management team has to pick a team that is hard to beat, a couple of nil nils would work for me now.

The current team selections and tactics are as baffling as they are terrible.

10 thoughts on “Soft Centre Charlton

  1. I like lee as a manager but even a saint can lose his patience. Give Jason euell a chance as he is charlton thru and thru failing that chris powell has unfinished business

  2. It should not be forgotten the problems Bowyer has been faced with in the present team:
    1. The embargo in bringing in new players during the open summer season, which only ended when TS bought the Club in September.
    2. The imposed League One salary cap which came too late, leaving Bowyer/Fallen little more than warm bodies to the team.
    3. Even the reversal of #2 above, that came after close of the January window.
    Bowyer is right it’s team-building that is required more so than the goals stated by both TS and LB. A change in managers will only further that team-building process.

    • Terry
      I think it’s gone too far now – it’s really difficult to see us beating anyone at the moment- you can’t lose every home game by 2 or 3 goals in any division let alone the 3rd division and expect to stay in the job

      • Your quite right and a playoff spot is likely out of reach now. However, settling for a mid table position maybe the reality. I personally never thought from start of January that we would make the playoffs because of the games in-hand other teams around then had over us, and the sudden deterioration in our defense, and it does help the cause when Pratley and Aneke get red carded in the same match. I personally would like Bowyer to remain at Charlton to build a team truly of his and Gallen’s choosing without the poor and unfair decisions of the EFL. However for the remaining time to this season – if moral with the players can be lifted we still might win a few home games. Moral is definitely lacking at the moment. Frankly, I think without Bowyer to this point we would be in League Two and struggling.

      • Even if there’s a change in managers, I’m certain that an overhaul would be that manager’s prerequisite. Better the manager whose the team to the Championship rather than one who hasn’t i.e Jason Euell or Johnnie Jackson as good as they are.

  3. How many times? It’s as obvious as a pimple on a pigs arse. The players have no faith in Bonkers Bowyer, he’s lost them. He has to go, tonight hopefully…………….

  4. I am still backing “Bonkers Bowyer. The summer is long overdue to see a major overhaul of this ageing team. Get some quality younger players in on decent wages and let Bowyer and Jacko re-shape the team for another attack at the Play-Offs. This season is well and truly over with.

  5. Personally, l have become irriratated by the constant stream of excuses. Whether that be from Bows with his broad range with everything from the ref, the pitch, sendings off, weather too windy, too hot, too wet blah blah blah. Bows says we are building to find consistency but earlier in the season Charlton had found it with 9 consecutive clean sheets. OK so Famewo and Innis – the rocks in defence – were injured but this made the failure to sign CBs in January even more baffling. It was never about lack of bodies but the lack of quality CBs. Everything stems from a side that is defensively sound. Nobody will convince me that there were no players available who could improve on our back-up CBs. One existed who was already in-house (Barker). Bows had a whole month to rectify the “elephant in the room”. Also, after totally inept performances, l am sick of players only too eager to take to twitter etc to state the performance was not good enough and that its onto the next game with bland promises to do better, only for even more dire performances. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. The truth is Charlton lack a ‘style’ of play; they lack character and commitment; the tactics are all over the place; and the players consistently make silly schoolboy errors. Togetherness is what’s needed but l fear that the situation has now gone too far with the present crop of players. If Bows is correct in his latest interview that the players are deliberately cutting corners and do not care, then why not give the younger players a chance. The likes of Barker, Henry et al might be inexperienced but they will not be lacking in effort and commitment. They have something to prove. Some of the first teamers are so bad l don’t think the youngsters could be any worse. Fans only want to watch players who give 100% commitmentand effort. That certainly cannot be said about some of the first team squad. Bows needs to get players in the side who are prepared to roll their sleeves up. Promotion has gone this season but it should now be all about players who want to remain and fight. The bare minimum is giving 100%.

  6. All fans have opinions and there are plenty here to consider, but they don’t IMO seem address the points you AA make about the tactical ineptness. I agree with your points on team selection and sustitutions. And these are down to the manager and can affect the outcome of the game. As much the officials and player mistakes. You’re right, and other fans on the match thread were saying get DP off at half time or he’ll get a second yellow! LB’s been great, but I’m sorry that for this season, he’s has been responsible for plenty of terrible decsions..

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