What if we lose at Wigan and Oxford ?

You wouldn’t need to be Nostradamus to suggest that given our current confidence level, we are very likely to lose our next 2 games. If we do, it will be the continuation of a terrible run of results and however much any of us might be emotionally attached to Lee Bowyer, it will be hard to see how he can survive.

If we get 2 wins, then maybe a corner of sorts will have been turned and let us hope against expectation that happens ? Much as I really love Valley Pass, I’m not sure interviewing Lee after another gut wrenching defeat is doing any of us – especially him – any good. From a management point of view I’m not a fan of publicly bollocking your staff whether its football or any other industry and I think Lee has been wrong to do that, but asking managers questions when they are in a heightened emotional state immediately after the game is asking for trouble.

From a tactical point of view I hope that, regardless of how awful Wigan might be, we concentrate on defending properly and have enough energy in the middle of the park to stop any of their players running most of the length of the pitch unchallenged before arrowing an unstoppable shot into the top corner. Playing 2 wingers again with just Watson and Shinnie in the middle will be suicidal. Wigan getting Nil ought to be our principal objective

7 thoughts on “What if we lose at Wigan and Oxford ?

  1. At least we now have Chuks Aneke available for tomorrow night’s game at Wigan as he has had the Red Card rescinded following an appeal to the FA.
    Would like to see Albie Morgan given a start in midfield. JFC and Gilbey still injured. Not a fan of Watson and Shinnie does not have pace for midfield; a good crosser of the ball though which does help Stockley get his goals. I feel that we will get the three points tomorrow.

  2. Regardless of what position our opponents are in the table, whether at home or away they all will be tough matches for the rest of the season for obvious reasons. Would suggest that our social media comments be the 12th player in the team to lift the team’s spirit and cheer them onto victory until the last game of the season. At least until fans can return to the Valley in person.

  3. For me Bowyer has earned the chance to rebuild in the summer with players he chooses rather than those no one else wants. I liked the honesty of his post match interview . We have got good players individually but unless they have the appetite within them selves to “not cut corners” then when the going gets tough then as Lee says what can he do .Conner , Cullen would die for the cause in true Bowyer fashion. I just wish everyone would realise the duff hand he has been given.Loyalty is a precious attribute and I think Bowyer is a winner .
    Imagine first game back at the valley next season with a new squad and the whole ground shouting Lee Lee Lee Bowyer .
    COYR we are on our way , oh yeh and let Thomas play Valley Floyd Road in the centre circle as a prelude

  4. Sorry I am just not a fan of any manager that publicly criticises players in any situation. However poor they are, it rarely ends well when managers do that, especially when there appears to be a collective collapse of confidence as we have now. You end up dropping one player, and being forced to bring back another player, who was slagged off by the manger a couple of games previously. I am not a fan of sacking managers but sometimes it just becomes inevitable when a manger loses the dressing room. Admittedly whatever happens re manger we are not going up this season, and we probably just need two more wins between now and the end of the season to guarantee survival. However when you go into free fall anything can happen. What happens in the next couple of games will probably determine whether Lee is with us next season.

  5. All the mixed messaging g is so confusing. After the Blackpool defeat Bows said the players don’t care enough. On Monday Bows said he spoke with TS the day before and said everyone in trying really hard and they all want the same thing. If Bows’ team instructions are as confusing then little wonder the performances are so poor. Against Blackpool Charlton had 3 shots of which only one was on target. If that is trying then the club u set Bowyer is doomed. If Charlton don’t win the next two games, starting with tonight’s, then TS has got a big decision to make. This season is now a write-off, but imagine in Bows stays and recruits lots of new players in the summer and next season starts really poorly because the team hasn’t worked out a style of play. That will be another season wasted. The circumstances have not been fair to Bows but Charlton’s track record since November is relegation form. It was Bows CHOICE not to recruit CBs in January when it was obvious to most where the problem was. It was always a lack of quality not numbers. With the demoralising public criticism of under-performing players, Bows has been the architect of his own downfall. Yes, bollock such players but do it behind closed doors ffs.

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