Back to Basics

Great- Wigan scored Nil – Objective achieved. Well done to Lee for picking a conventional line up and the players for giving everything. Having JFC back and playing Smith instead of Shinnie gave us the midfield legs, strength and energy we lacked on Saturday and enabled Watson to play the position (well) that he understands.

Bringing Pearcy back was an improvement on DO because he is a more experienced centre half and Matthews played well in his best position. Maatsen played OK but as Steve Brown noted in commentary, his defending can be a bit haphazard.

I would have preferred Stockley to Washington but aside from that I thought the line up was just right. There were a few tired legs out there and cramping/hammy injuries – lets hope we can keep the same side on Saturday – wouldn’t that be a novelty ?

Lee seemed miserable afterwards – My wife who was listening to Valley Pass in the background commented that it sounded like Lee has lost his mojo. It would be fascinating to know where Lee now stands with Thomas. Maybe the instruction is now clearly to achieve Top 6 this season or its Goodnight Vienna

4 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. My view before TS took control of CAFC was that Lee Bowyer and his staff, given the well-documented difficulties of the club, would do well to achieve a play-off place. I am not at all surprised that it is proving to be a struggle even allowing for the benefits that a committed owner has undoubtedly brought to the situation. Let’s remember that Bowyer although still inexperienced as a manager has been loyal and successful and I hope TS will give him his backing. Of course all Charlton fans are frustrated at the way things have been at CAFC but right now a bit of stability is needed.

  2. A very welcome win. Three more and we needn’t worry about relegation !
    Probably keeps Bowyer in the job for another month.

  3. Yeah I’m n arf glad ourn won n all n am surprised Wigan are strugglin this season. We need a good run of form to shut the Bowyerphobes up or iss back to square one. Iss King Lee all the way for a2c n always will be.

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