Valley Pass is Just Great

Well it is isn’t it ? – I absolutely love it , brilliantly hosted by Scotty Minto, and the banter with Curbs is superb. We are all very quick to complain and criticise , particularly about the goings on at our football club, and we’ve certainly had a lot to moan about over the last 10 years, but the Pre and Post Match Show is fantastic. Reminiscing with Paul Mortimer – who was an absolute genius , I remember watching him dribble from the corner flag along the line evading 3 tackles in 6 inches of space and somehow landing the ball on the goaline for Scotty Parker to ram home. Kevin Lisbie, Rob Lee, Gary Nelson, Jason Euell and Simon Webster have all been great guests and hopefully we will see many more of our favourite past players.

Listening to the tactical insights of Steve Brown is infinitely more interesting than Jamie Carragher or Gary Neville and he makes more sense to me !!

The stories are fun and remind us that we are a long standing community with a shared history and hopes and dreams for the future.

Many congratulations and thanks to all those involved.

8 thoughts on “Valley Pass is Just Great

  1. Valley Pass is excellent and the match analysis is quite brilliant. I could listen to Curbs and Scotty Minto all day. Great Idea by whoever.

  2. Totally agree with all of the above comments. Valley Pass has built very successfully on the basic FL system and made the programme something really worth watching – hopefully our home form will soon improve …. at the moment it’s the only weak link in the programme!

  3. Yes, how Valley Pass changed overnight- Total quality and bringing together some of the men that make CAFC history. T S so far has got things right, especially bringing history into today and using our heroes- all are good in the chat room and commentary.

    • Very good article as always ,thoroughly agree.Valley Pass /Charlton TV first class ,hosted by Scott Minto and Curbs presence so important.He is an icon,The King. Make him The Chairman.
      Full credit to our Danish friend ,he has got it right so far,
      Up to LB and squad now to step up.
      Onwards and Upwards.

  4. Yes great to have proper Charlton legends on but take huge issue over the 2 so-called matchday broadcasting commentators who incidentally are members of Charlton Live that Condon live & vicious and insulting personal attacks live on show and not one since apology from anyone and including the Owner.

  5. Well said, totally agree. I put a post in one of the facebook groups saying exactly the same.Really interesting and professionally presented programme, a must for any Charlton fan. Pretty much everything they talk about I can remember like it was yesterday, well worth the £10 on it’s own, irrespective of the actual football😁

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