Dreadful Football

On about the 70th minute my mate who I have been sitting next to/ standing with at Charlton for the last 50 years texted me ‘ Have you ever seen a worse Charlton team’ – I want to be optimistic and supportive but honestly the only one I could think of in the last half century was the one that SCP inherited from Parky – you know , Paul Benson, Pavel Abbott , Dave Mooney, Thierry Racon and Co.

I think to be fair maybe all teams now are fitter and more organised than over previous decades but we are really very ordinary even in this, the 3rd division. I don’t think we have any chance at all of reaching the play offs and its going to take a complete rebuild of an entire team of players over the summer which will be financially challenging, even for Thomas.

I remember Peter Varney telling me that early on when he and SCP were building the League 1 winning team they concluded that you can’t get out of this league without goal scoring midfielders and between Danny Hollands, Johnnie Jackson and Dale Stephens, we had lots of goals from the middle. I can’t see any goals coming from our current midfield.

We have a honest bunch of committed professionals and Lee probably gets the best out of them but ultimately we don’t have the quality in the team to get promoted

7 thoughts on “Dreadful Football

  1. As every week goes by, I hate this division more. We’re actually lucky that Covid has prevented us attending games.
    We needed promotion as soon as TS walked into the building. It ain’t going to happen, another season of this shit beckons.

  2. Yes indeed Albury- this is a very below average Charlton team. My son and I discussed yesterday who we thought the management would want to keep for next year. We could only be confident of 3 players and perhaps retaining one of the loans somehow. I wonder whether – like my son – the majority of Addicks fans blame Bows for his Morinho style tactics and attitude. Like you I tend to think he can only work with what he has got. But his public demeanour recently does seem to suggest he may not be here next year.

    All this said and like you a lifer Addicks fan, I’m much more optimistic for the future thanks to TS. As fans we have to be a bit patient – but so far TS has shown he is man of action and once the pandemic travel restrictions are over I fully expect him to swing into action and rebuild. Other than those halcyon Varney days we’ve not had that before.

    Looking forward to getting back to the Valley in any event. And one ray of sunshine for next season – my other son pointed out some fabulous away ground firsts for us coming up from the 4th decision. Lots of great beer and away fan banter to look forward to 😉


  3. I thought our worst teams were in the 70s when Dunphy, Bolland, Endean, Hunt and Rodgers were the mainstays of a very lame attack playing in front of attendances below 5,000.

  4. I prefer tea, coffee I used to love a bovril even but they don’t cater for ourn nahadays. I remember the team with Racon n all, them not so alcyon days.The game was shockin only consolatin ourn didn’t lose. But I wonder where regular goal scorers are comin from n all. Ourn were doin better under King Roland n I reckon iss all dahn to the players not the owners n King Lee deserves better n all.

  5. At least we are now closing the opposition down which will make less entertaining games but stop us letting silly’s goals in

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