The Middle

I am a broken record on this, but we are currently a middling 3rd division side with an OKish defence and an OKish attack. The biggest problem is in midfield where we don’t have enough energy or GOALS. I thought we played quite well in the first half but without any real penetration or invention. We miss JFC terribly who has had an excellent season . I’m with Curbs about Millar and Maatsen who seem to spend too much time standing next to each other. I think Millar needs a bit more space on his own. I’m not a Shinnie fan because of his lack of pace but credit to him he played very well and made a real difference when he came on. In terms of our January signings, I’m a bit worried about DJ who looks a bit lost and Ronnie who is ,so far anyway, completely lost.

Although Shrewsbury were there for the taking, we didn’t create anything inventive enough to open them up. In the last 5 minutes, it was a miracle that Shrewsbury didn’t get a winner.

We are becalmed in the middle – roll on next season with a new team ………………..

6 thoughts on “The Middle

  1. Charlton lose too much creativity in the side when Watson and Pratley play alongside each other. Neither seem to have the energy to last the full 90 minutes and those who do provide the ‘legs’ in midfield are knackered filling in for them because both struggle with their powers of recovery. The job that they are there to do – breaking things up and shielding the back four – they don’t look particularly competent at either. Many times this season fans have watched Charlton struggle for energy in games where two defensive midfielders have been played in the same side and its only when that formation is changed that Charlton seem to pose more of an attacking threat. You would think that Bows could see that too yet he is too stubborn and inflexible with his tactics. Both Watson and Pratley can do a job as a DM but NOT both in the same side. Furthermore, because they physically struggle to get around the pitch, they pick-up far too many ridiculous yellow cards which then puts them and the team on a knife-edge for the rest of the game as witnessed so many times this season. I believe these are the lessons that need to be learned this season so that next season is not another wasted opportunity. Not only is the two DM formation ineffective with Watson and Pratley, it is also bloody painful to watch!

    • Norfolk I think pretty much everyone would agree with you – I think the problem is 2 fold – playing them back together generally makes us stronger defensively which we needed to stop shipping silly goals and secondly if JFC isn’t available and you don’t play Pratley we are too weak through the middle – Morgan Shinnie and Smith are all a bit lightweight – personally I would have kept Lapslie and sent Morgan out on loan !!!

      • Lapslie is a good player but suffers too many injuries. Morgan’s progress has been restricted by LBs continual public criticism and the ridiculous decision to send him to Ebbsfleet on loan last season. I would have more respect for LB if he criticised senior players when they fail to perform e.g. Gunter, last season, Hemed was a disgrace but I did not see any criticism.

  2. Thass wot I eard abahrt the midfield n all, aint got the punch at the moment. Nah wonder King Lee gets fed up with them n each week the Bowyerphobe on ere wants ourn to lose.

  3. I agree it was not great to watch but up to the time they scored we did not give them one chance. Then they got a free header in our area and we were 1 down. Up till then we had manufactured about 3 chances and failed to take any of then. We eventually got a equaliser thanks to Washington but was more likely to loose the game in the end because we over committed to looking for the winner. Unfortunately because our defence is so vulnerable we need to play Pratley and Watson together to keep things tight and who was at fault for the free header that’s when the game was lost

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