A Win Win Situation

Firstly a big thank you to Lee Bowyer for holding us all together when the club was in desperate straits and of course for Wembley and providing us with a bloody good team that year and for half of our Championship season. I am sure like all sensible Charlton supporters we all wish Lee the very best in his next career move.

For the club and Thomas Sandgaard and for Lee and for Birmingham ( if that is his eventuaL destination) it seems like a ‘win win’ to me.

Lee has been looking and sounding tired and the team look pretty ordinary – everyone needs a boost. I’m not privy to any internal information , but I would have been amazed if Thomas had not already decided to make a change at the end of this season. Lee must have been able to read the tea leaves, but if he hadn’t found another job before he was replaced at the end of the season, it would have looked bad on his cv. Thomas and the club have in turn dodged a bullet in terms of having to pay up the remaining 2 years on Lee’s contract. Birmingham FC get a bloke who is going to stick a rocket so far up some of their underperforming stars bottoms they wont know if they are coming or going.

So to me it looks like a good outcome for all parties. The big issue for us now is who to appoint in Lee’s place. I’d be tempted to let JJ have it until the end of this season, but as an outside bet, I would favour Matt Taylor from Exeter who was part of our fantastic League 1 winning team under SCP. He has done a decent job at Exeter, he is young and will know the best players in League 1 and 2 ( which is essential) and he will know Ged Roddy well from their days together at Team Bath.

Anyway, if I had to guess, I think Thomas will go with a foreign manager- possibly Danish !- and try to follow the Brentford model.

Sounds like we will know relatively soon. Lets hope we get lucky.

10 thoughts on “A Win Win Situation

  1. Lee Bowyer has done us all proud at CAFC and I think the current batch of players will miss his enthusiasm and dynamism. Tread very carefully with the next appointment Thomas as there are some candidates out there that should not come anywhere near The Valley. COYR.

  2. Chris Wilder would be a good replacement for Bowyer , what he did for Sheff U , he knows how to get from League one to the Premiership .

    • Recently Chris Wilder was quoted as “Verbally accepted” by Charlton before being taken by Sheffield United. While no doubt accomplishing much with Sheffield U, I get the impression that he might be a very hard task master in the job. If that is so, the Addicks could see many non-renewals of present contracts this summer, and an even longer time in L1 for the Addict’s, until things settle down. Some player contracts would not have been renewed anyway.

  3. I agree. I think he is a good manager who got rushed into buying a lot of mediocre players when Thomas took over.

    It is unlikely we’ll make the playoffs and this will be seen as a failure if he stays and won’t help his future job prospects. I’m sure he’ll do well at Birmingham and keep them in the Championship.

    The new Charlton manager whoever that may be will be able to rebuild in the summer and hopefully secure promotion to the Championship next season.

  4. Two words (not Eddie Howe)………..Michael Laudrup, yes Mr Dane….
    Desperately searching for a bookie offering odds.
    Would be MASSIVE for us and Thomas must know him?

  5. Shockin juss shockin, e was a real ero for me a2c n should’ve stayed dahn our gaff. King Lee was another Curbs in the makin n I reckon e’ll go onto great things at Brum. I’ll miss im so much n shed a tear on ere, the Bowyerphobes n their ilk are a dissgrace juss like what theirn done to Curbs.

  6. a2c. You may just be a pretend wind-up with your false cockney lingo. Or a Millwall supporter having some fun. Or perhaps you are genuine?
    But I know for sure no supporter done (sic) anything to Curbs. He refused to sign a new contract and therefore effectively resigned.
    Bowyers time was up. And guess what, he resigned too.

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