JJ, Euell, and Curbs for me

If I’m honest, I would be disappointed if Nigel Adkins gets the job. For me, you need a young guy who is nearer the players ages and who knows the best players in League 1 and 2 now. That’s JJ. If you add to that a guy ( Jason Euell) who knows the young talent coming through both at Charlton and nationally, then sprinkle a bit of wisdom from the best Charlton manager in our lifetimes ( Curbs) then that’s the best solution for our club now.

Nigel Adkins and Chris Wilder ( in my opinion) are both too old for the job. We need a younger man and all the success we have had in my lifetime has been with younger managers, Curbs, Lennie, SCP and Bow.

Thomas will have his own ideas but I’m hoping its a ‘young un’

14 thoughts on “JJ, Euell, and Curbs for me

  1. Based on Thomas’s earlier comment about the development and integration of the academy players. It speaks to me that he could be looking for a manager within the club.

  2. Lee Bowyer is already after JJ as his assistant. It is all with Thomas Sandgaard to decide who will be the best fit at CAFC. I would love to see JJ and Jason Euell manage the team. Curbs and Gritt managed it all them years ago.

  3. JJ, and Curbs as no 2 till end of season, only 10 games left not enough time for a new manager,
    Have better chance of play offs with JJ as he know the players, with Curbs on his side

    Then Next season the only person for me, with TS vision with youth, is FRANK LAMPARD

    • Really good shout on Lampard A1, hadn’t come to mind until you floated it. It is such a desirable job now we have a steady hand on the ownership tiller. I just see Adkins as A,N.Other manager I’m afraid.

  4. JJ cos e’s got a bit of King Lee in im but Curbs advisin. I reckon KL was pushed ahrt cos e was appointed under King Roland n the Bowyerphobes are makin it clear e wasn’t wanted dahn our gaff, there a dissgrace.

  5. Like you Albury, Nigel Adkins doesn’t fill me with joy, that maybe being unfair to the fella but….
    I think Curbs had it spot on last night with his “give it to Jacko until the end of the season@, and his detailed explanation of why. Was also delighted when he replied to Scotty Minto’s question of whether he would want the job in some capacity… “yeah I’d help JJ out”. My choice of second would be Stevie Brown. Man that guy knows the football playbook well. I think that would work well to see the season out then review. I was surprised when TS said he’d have it sorted by the weekend. That seems way too rushed for my liking, unless he’s got Laudrup on speed dial and chomping at the bit!! But I’m no expert. Lampard isn’t a bad shout though aye?

  6. The biggest mistake TS could make now is a rushed decision. I don’t believe we’re good enough to get through the play-offs. The season is effectively over. Let JJ manage until the end. Make all the big decisions in the Summer.

    • It seems to me that having it settled by the weekend means an internal appointment, which means JJ unless JJ spoils it by wanting to join Bows.

  7. Nigel Adkins – I really really hope not. Thomas must see him as just a journeyman with no charisma or character at all. But he is 1/3 fav with bookies. Would rather have Parky back, and that really is saying something.

  8. Of those in the running, Chris Wilder is the most experienced manager of life in L1, Championship and the PL. He knows what it takes to get promoted from the lower leagues and in many ways he is similar to Curbs. The fact he turned down Charlton before is irritating but then the ownership was a basket case. Definitely not Adkins – l can’t believe he is favourite. Achieved nothing! Shirtliff and Bowen fall into the same category. I still think there is unfinished business for SCP who, with the proper support, could make a real impact. I think JJ as Manager with Euell as A/Manager and Curbs as Mentor. The advantage of making the appointments now means the management can hit the ground running in the summer transfer window. JJ will (hopefully) know the priority areas for strengthening. All the other candidates would need to assess players first which could delay recruitment for next season.

  9. Not Nigel Adkins – footballs John Major – I always think of him in a grey suit with a grey personality, Probably the Reading link with Roddy is the reason he has been mentioned. I hope JJ is offered the job at least until the end of the season. But if he gets the job and fails to achieve TS’s unrealistic promotion target will that be regarded as failure, I hope not. As the assistant Euell or Steve Brown would be good candidates.

  10. Adkins and Wilder are younger than Curbishley. Anyway why is age a demerit in managing. They don’t need to register as a player and in anycase there will always be a ‘shop steward’ in any dressing room. This will require a detatched view and experience to deal with.

  11. Shockin juss shockin, Adkins is in. Ow many did they interview for it, e was earmarked for it all along. It aint right cos JJ should’ve ad a chance n all.

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