Good Luck Nigel

I was a bit underwhelmed initially when I heard that Nigel Adkins had got the job. However, apart from his spell at Sheffield Utd his track record at Scunthorpe, Southampton and Hull and even before at non league Bangor is excellent. The decision to retain JJ as assistant manager was a very sensible and sensitive move from Thomas and it has swung me into the positive camp.

One of the many things that Duchatelet never understood about football was the fiercely tribal element of it. I’m 63 years old now and I still feel like a punch up whenever we play Palace ( not so keen when its Millwall !). The bond with Bowyer was stronger because it really felt like he was one of us. The play off wins against Doncaster and Sunderland felt almost like a spiritual experience in the crowd and the commitment of Lee just heightened the high.

Frankly, if Nigel Adkins wins the Premier League and European Cup with us, he’s never going to have that same depth of commitment from the fan base.

But if Nigel lifts the trophies and JJ does the star jump from the tunnel at the Nou Camp – well that will work for all of us…….

Let us hope that Nigel is both talented and lucky because he will need both to get us out of this division.

The journey starts tomorrow

4 thoughts on “Good Luck Nigel

  1. Nigel Adkins was not my first choice for sure. However he’s in place now and deserves a chance.
    Delighted JJ has been retained and is clearly being groomed for managership in the future.

  2. There aint nothin decent abahrt it. JJ should’ve carried on as gaffer, e learnt from King Lee n would carry on is legacy of gettin ourn up. Still iss JJ I’m supportin n our gaff. Unlike some on ere who did this with King Lee, I aint goin to post negative stuff abahrt the new gaffer on ere n thass all there is to it.

  3. With JJ staying on as assistant manager to Nigel Adkins I can gradually get over the loss of Lee Bowyer, but CAFC must keep up the fight for a place in the play-offs. A must three points today would be a good start for this new team. COYR.

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