A Tale of Fame Wo

You have to think that without Akin’s mistake, we would have gone on to win the game today. Although Wimbledon were better in the 2nd half, they were there for the taking. They just weren’t very good. The problem with Charlton is that even if we had Pep Guardiola as manager, we’ve still got the same players. They are just not good enough to get promoted, we are always likely to make a catastrophic mistake.

I remain convinced that our midfield – with the exception of JFC is the biggest problem.

If Adkins can get the team into the Play Offs, he wont just be a football manager, he will be a magician.

Finally, where do we go with Ronnie ? I very much want him to be successful, but I really wouldn’t want to see an analysis of how many times he has touched the ball during his, admittedly, limited times on the pitch. Surely just occasionally he needs to show in front of defenders rather than hang around on the shoulder hoping they will miss the ball.

One thought on “A Tale of Fame Wo

  1. Yes AA poor old Ronnie. It can’t be much fun living out of a suitcase but least he doesn’t have to worry about taking his shorts to the launderette.

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