Graham Tutt’s Journey- Never Give Up

I have just finished reading Graham Tutt’s book. For those of you younger generations of Charlton fans Graham was our goalie for a couple of seasons in the mid 70’s. He came into the 1st team at just 17, he was a tall ( 6 foot 5 inches) commanding and brave goalkeeper. We will never know for sure, but if you think Nick Pope, Graham was a similar stature and a better goalie at the same age and he would have gone on to have a stellar career. He was our goalie in the promotion winning team of 74/75. Anyway in mid Feb 76 his Charlton career was finished by a disgraceful foul by the then Sunderland centre forward ,Tom Finney. He was only 19 years old and had already made 65 1st team appearances.

This book is essentially the story of what happened next of recovery and redemption but forever tinged with regret at what might have been.

Its an easy, uplifting and interesting read – get out and buy the book. He deserves our support

Graham was and remains one of us, part of the Charlton family.

6 thoughts on “Graham Tutt’s Journey- Never Give Up

  1. I never understood why no action was taken by the FA against Finney as the ball went straight into Tutes’ chest but Finney kicked Tute in the head. The incident was shown on TV. Nowadays I am sure action would be taken. When Finney next appeared at the Valley playing for Cambridge Utd (?) he rightly got a hostile reception from our fans.

    • Agreed -it was disgraceful. There was a story whether it was apocryphal or not that the legend that was Harry Cripps sorted him out when Finney next returned to The Valley.

  2. I remember him well.
    I believe the game was on telly and he took a boot in the eye while saving from a Sunderland forward.
    It looked bad at the time but a lot worse after.
    I hope he has had a fulfilling life since.
    I for one will be buying his book.
    Looking back when players never moved so much as after Bosman, there was a chance he may have bettered Sam Bertram’s goalkeeper appearances.

  3. I will buy one too. He deserves our support and he had a very interesting life post Charlton playing in South Africa and he spent a long time in the U.S. I believe.

    I had only just started going when he was injured, but he had already built a good reputation. I remember stood behind the south terrace goal for my first game in that 75/76 season and thinking how tall he was.

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