Sunderland at Wembley again

Lets be honest, its been written in the stars since the season started hasn’t it ? I know there are still a host of permutations but there must be a very high probability that we will be meeting our traditional opposition in the traditional end of season game – let us hope its not 3rd time lucky for them.

We have certainly hit form at the right time and touch wood pretty much everyone is fit. Nigel has reverted to the basics. Lets play two defensive full backs and two proper centre halves. The availability of Famewo and Inniss has allowed Pearcey to show his best form again. No disrespect to Gunter but I have always preferred Matthews at right back for his pace. Purrington is a solid traditional left back.

Adkins has been lucky with injuries but he has been able to play all the round pegs in round holes. I still think we lack a bit of creativity in the midfield area and Gilbey needs to contribute more but he has definitely improved. In a way, it is good to see Gilbey and DJ playing every game because they are our contracted players and not loanees and will be here next season.

Peterborough on Saturday will be a tough game, but we really should have beaten them at their place but for two horrendous individual errors and the fact that their pitch was a ploughed field.

Finally a word about the failed Super League. You have to question just how incompetent these owners and managers at these 6 clubs are. Apparently the newly resigned Ed Woodward at Man Utd gets paid £3m a year. You would have thought that for that money you would be getting a genius corporate operator. Evidently not, you get a blithering incompetent idiot who along with the other management and owners from those 6 clubs did not expect the level of opposition that their ridiculous plan would engender. Maybe they are so clever that it was all a ruse to get an even bigger share of the existing financial pots, but lets hope that if it is that backfires too.

If I was one of the other 14 Premier League clubs I would use precisely this moment to drive home a better deal for the 14 and the rest of the EFL than we currently get. Those 6 can hardly leave again so soon after this. Its time to put them in their place.

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