Final Ball Millar

Liam Millar is a good player. He is a great outlet for the team turning defence into attack running with the ball half the length of the pitch. He is an important part of the team and our success over the next few games will be partly dependent on his form.

Unfortunately, most of the time his final ball, whether its a shot, cross or pass when he reaches the box is not good enough.

Given Liam’s obvious talent and the experience of our coaching and management team – surely they can sort this out. Between them they need to come up with Plan B, C and D for Liam’s final ball.

If they can fix that we’ll go up

2 thoughts on “Final Ball Millar

  1. Shockin result. Yeah n Washington should be takin our pens, they mostly go in when e takes them but e was only on as a sub, 83rd minute. Aint King Lee doin well.

  2. Agree 100 percent.

    Also Stockley needs to use his feet to get a goal instead of his head. If Connor was on we would have probably got a goal with the penalty given.

    Oh well on to Tuesday.

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