Premier League is already a nest of vipers

There is a lot of hypocrisy about this and even if you admire Gary Neville’s recent rant about the aborted ESL, the proposed ESL was only an extension of the pre existing money grab for the Premier League clubs.

It is already a semi closed shop and is becoming more so every season. This season there is every chance that Watford, Norwich and Bournemouth will return to the Premier league next season, having only being relegated only last season. What odds would you give for West Brom, Fulham and Sheffield Utd – given their additional £40m parachute payments – returning immediately to the Premier League next season ?

The best result for the EFL from the current backlash to the ESL would be

  1. Abolition or significant reduction of parachute payments to Premier League relegated teams
  2. Larger distribution of funds from TV revenues down the football pyramid to make it more competitive and interesting
  3. Sensible introduction of Salary Caps linked to % of overall revenues. Player salaries in the Premier League are ridiculous and just wrong.
  4. Caps to payments to Agents ( its fundamentally wrong that Joe Aribo’s transfer earnt his agent c 3 times what Charlton received ) In virtually every other industry where agents operate they get a flat % lets say 5-10% of the fee to the seller.

Given the entrenched interests of the existing members of the Premier League, change to the status quo is highly unlikely but its time to reorganise professional football to benefit the many and not the few.

One thought on “Premier League is already a nest of vipers

  1. Hear, hear but alas we are not living in Utopia. Chance of the above, less than 0% (though I seem to be echoing, albeit in reverse, the 110% brigade which I cannot abide…)

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