It doesn’t matter how many years you have been supporting the club or how many games you have seen, letting in an equaliser in the last 20 seconds is the time to kick the cat, bury your head in your hands and swear like Roger Johnson.

In truth, Crewe were the better side all game long and if they had a proper striker would have won the game comfortably. Its probably true of a lot of teams in this division that they are (relatively) tidy until they hit the final third where they struggle because they can’t afford a quality striker. We have Jayden Stockley who is a quality striker but its too much to ask in home games to play him on his own up front. It works away from home but not at home where he gets isolated and we need to be more aggressive.

Once again we were completely overrun in midfield, just like Blackpool, Accrington, MKDons, Pompey , etc, etc. It often feels like JFC is our only midfielder. There is just not enough energy or legs in there apart from him.

We can keep hoping but this team isn’t good enough to get promoted and I fear next season won’t be any easier.

A complete rebuild will be required and I’m not sure we even have the spine of a team to build around. If only Inniss and Aneke could be relied upon to play 30 plus games next season as a minimum that would be a big help but seems unlikely. In their different ways , they are both unplayable at this level, but only the medical staff will know how fragile they are. Aneke in particular is just brilliant in his 15 minute cameos but there must be a reason why he cant play a whole game.

We should try to keep Stockley and definitely extend JFC’s contract. After that its anyone’s guess what Nigel will do.

2 thoughts on “Heartbreak

  1. Shockin, Crewe are an ard workin side. Ourn aint gettin into the play-offs at this rate, come back King Lee. E knew ow to take ourn up, but in the words of the Gabrielle song ourn are goin nowhere.

  2. If we remain in L1? From the first team squad:
    Keep Amos, Innis (despite his injury problems) Famewo (if Norwich allow it) Stockley and Aneke. Ship the rest out and start again.

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