A Poor Charlton Team

I don’t think you can question the commitment of the players this season either under Bow or Adkins. They all try their hardest and put their bodies on the line, the problem is a lack of ability. In the 55 years I have been supporting this team is in the Top 10 of the worst I have seen.

I feel for Thomas and Adkins because they have inherited a very average set of players. I think it says it all that JFC has been our best player this season unyet even if he had been fit, he would have struggled to get in the team that got promoted 2 years ago with a midfield of Bielik, Cullen, Aribo and Fosu ( and Lapslie – selling him was a mistake)

Being outplayed by Accrington both at home and away surely tells you all you need to know !

The game today was a terrible advert for professional football, they could have renamed the sport , headball.

Regardless of our last 2 games, Oxford will surely beat Burton at home which would make their total unachievable with their superior goal difference. Sounds a bit silly but I will be glad when the season is over so that Thomas, Nigel and Steve Gallen can get a better more competitive team ready for next year.

With the honorable exception of JFC, our midfield is dreadful, lacking in creativity, pace and energy which makes us uncompetitive even at this low level.

Let us hope Thomas is prepared to fund a host of new arrivals, otherwise we are going to be stuck in this horrendous division for quite a while longer.

10 thoughts on “A Poor Charlton Team

  1. I totally agree with what you are saying particularly in the case of Lapslie. How they will attract decent players to the club is questionable but at least there are many super young players on the way through. Unfortunately Premier League football is miles away.

  2. It’s not just our midfield that is dreadful. Our team is dreadful. Hopefully all but two or three will be gone at the seasons end.

    • 2000 per cent agreed right on the button and tbf the quality and football next season has to improve drastically and feel absolutely no connection with this squad and professional footballers stealing a huge salary. Say no more!!

  3. In a recent poll 80% of CAFC supporters, (including yours truly) voted that CAFC wouldn’t get promoted this season, never good enough! But it has to be said it’s a recruitment asset to know early which league your going to be in etc… Now over to the owner….that’ll be interesting. If we had of reached the playoffs it would have been a setback because we wouldn’t have been promoted.

    We still have our secret weapon – for the first full transfer window I’ve known we will have ambitious pots of money owner and no embargos/restrictions. Never in all my puff has that been the case, so just maybe – we’ll see if Tommy puts his dosh where his heart is?

    And the fat angel blew his pea! Mercy!

  4. Re Lapslie yes he had the energy lacking but it sounded to me like he wanted to move on,(perhaps too many loans, or blocked route etc) if a player has already made up their mind. what can a club do?

  5. Let’s not lay the blame at the feet of Adkins or Bowyer – this was a scratch squad put together in two weeks on a shoestring budget so 8th is a decent showing all things considered.
    Come August I’m sure we’ll be witnessing a title challenging proposition.

    • Steve, Agree with you but so many players need to have a very good and long look in the mirror and the possible ironic situation that these players and unfair on the term “players” will move on and not be injury-prone!!!
      Too many players and not just the last 2 years but over several seasons simply not up to it or injury-prone and frankly stealing an income, which most of us envy.

  6. In the summer l hope Gillingham take a lot of our “players” and turn in similar performances for Steve Evans thus killing two birds with one stone. They would deserve each other!
    Charlton need to eradicate their dependency on loan players and establish a settled side that doesn’t require a huge annual makeover. It will take a huge investment initially because this squad is so poor. Tweaks can then be made in each transfer window to refine the squad. Most importantly, it would be helpful to recruit asap so that the bulk of the new squad is in place before pre-season to allow for team bonding. TS has expressed his ambition for where he wants the team to go and that takes money. His timeframe is ambitious too so there is no time to waste. Hopefully, this time next year, Charlton will be one step nearer to TS’s destination but it will all depend on how successful this recruitment campaign is. If the club gets that right then season ticket sales will not need to be given the hard sell. COYR!

  7. I reckon King Lee would’ve got ourn fired up, after all thass wot e done before. Wass the point of a 6 -0 win if ourn aint followin it up, so much for Adkins n all is positive thinkin. Throwin money at players aint rhe way either, juss ask King Roland n King Lee when ourn went up in the play-offs lass time, we ad an ard workin graftin side.

  8. It goes without saying what an awful legacy Roland the RAT left behind. Unbelievably we climbed our way out of this league with LB running the show. Unfortunately we still needed to draft in more players without the funds and by the end of the season we were back in this damn league one. LB (Bless him) stuck by us but the gaps were starting to reappear (even though TS had by now got on board). LB by now was under such pressure he sacrificed himself for the good of great club. Nigel arrived on the scene and got us back up amongst the play offs, but was it all to late? Yes it was and I hate to say it,but this is probably the worst team I have ever seen playing for Charlton. I suppose a lot of our supporters have been spoilt to witness the great players we have had at our club and never thought we could be beaten by some of the clubs we have encountered in this league,but no disrespect to them,times have changed and they have improved but we haven’t. Hence the reason we need a new regime at the club. We now have a new owner,a new manager,now we need some new players to get us back where we belong. Long Live Charlton Athletic FC.

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