Goal Difference Brownie !

I spent the last 20 minutes of the game last minute screaming at my PC for us to get forward and carry on attacking. There was a point at 3-0 where the momentum was with us and we could easily have got a couple more but players like Watson decided to slow it down. Brownie in commentary seemed completely supportive of this approach and unaware that we still had a 3 goal deficit on Oxford who arguably have the easiest game on Saturday with Burton at home. Apparently, its only Pompey that we are worried about. Had anyone on the commentary team or indeed our midfield looked at the League Table !

442 would always be my preferred system. Apparently Nigel is a tactical genius because we put two up front in the 2nd half. I suspect every Valley Pass subscriber spent the first half shouting for a 2nd striker to stand closer to Stockley. Its completely pointless hoofing long balls up to him so he can win it ( which he does very well) and flick it on to noone. We are playing in the THIRD division, we should be winning more games at home by being more aggressive and attacking not playing with a lone striker.

Apparently Washington and Aneke both have coninuing fitness problems but still get to sit on the bench – its all very frustrating.

Anyway, at least we won and for a spell in the 2nd half we played some decent football for a change. Football produces some strange twists of fate so we can only hope that Accrington and Burton do us a favour on Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Goal Difference Brownie !

  1. Yeah I watched the ighlights n Morgan n arf done well breakin up the Lincoln play n creatin goal scorin opps, did anyone else see it n all? Amos made some great saves but e don’t always get the credit for oldin onto the wins.

    • I agree with you on both points. I’m not normally a Morgan fan – he loses too many physical battles but he played very well when he came on yesterday. Amos has been very good all season

  2. Morgan played well and although he lacks a physical presence is a great passer of the ball long or short and because of Bowyer’s insensitive management has been wasted for two seasons. If you studied the statistics you would see that in the promotion year and last season that CAFC nearly always got inferior results after Morgan was substituted. Yes he needed to be replaced because as a youngster 90 minutes was too much but the replacements were usually defensive players brought on to protect a winning position illustrating Bowyer’s negative approach.
    Prime examples are the semi-finals against Doncaster when Morgan was subbed in the first game we were winning 2-0 final result 2-1. In the second game the score was 1-1 ( aggregate 3-2) when he was subbed 90 minute score 1-2 (aggregate 3-3). I have not found any games in 2018-19 and 2019-20 where the result improved after he was subbed. Maybe you can.

    • Interesting observations. He is certainly still young and should continue to improve. Sometimes it feels like we get overrun when he is playing, maybe bringing him on in games when the opposition midfield have tired a bit would be a sensible strategy for now

  3. Have you read the article on News Now by London News Online 12.08 Thu 6 May about Albie Morgan which is an in depth summary of his career to date. I agree with most of it but there is one significant mistake, the article says that after the play off semi final against Doncaster that Morgan was relegated to the subs bench for the final, in fact he was not even on the bench despite playing all the games from late January in which the only defeat was at Oxford, an extremely spiteful action by Bowyer.

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