Wembley Shambles

Whoever had any part in organising the security plan for Wembley and managing the event last night should be sacked this morning.

Forget the result, we played cautiously throughout the tournament which got us to the Final in the first place so in a way its difficult to be critical that we continued to play that way last night. I’m not sure we had a meaningful attack in the 2nd half, did we ? Really not sure what Mason Mount added at all, but the rest of them put a shift in and Harry Kane was magnificent given the attention he got from the Italians.

Inside the Stadium, it became increasingly chaotic and there were hundreds ( and probably thousands) of people who appeared throughout the game and were obviously ticketless. All around the Stadium both before and after the game was like a War zone. In the section where we were the tickets cost £850 each and all the gangways/walkways were crammed with people who arrived steadily throughout the game. Depressingly, I know drug taking is rife in all society now but most of the people falling all over me and wandering about seemed off their heads.

How on earth are we not able to police and manage large crowds including those intent on vlolence and mayhem at our National Stadium ?

Also this of all years when COVID has been rampant , if you had a ticket , evidence of your negative test was required, I don’t think that applied to those who stormed the barricades !

It was a shambles and the management at Wembley and the FA should launch an immediate enquiry.

3 thoughts on “Wembley Shambles

  1. Gosh, sorry to hear of your experience. Seems like a large minority of our fans did “the country proud” – Not. So unlike 2012 when we opened the doors of England to the world, now we seem intent to be not only “the Sick man of Europe” but also “the Embarrassing men of Europe”.

  2. Yeah so I eard on the news n all. I didn’t think it would last long before the ooligans n exenophobes turned up but why ave so many if we aint got the number of police n stewards to deal with the oi pelloi.

  3. Sorry to hear of your experience but given the times in which we now live it was sadly predictable. My late father was involved along with others in organising the 1966 World Cup Opening Ceremony. Given his experience of the Football Association he tended to refer to them as the “sweet FA !”

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