Striker Short

I thought we played pretty well today. I quite like Nigel’s 4-3-3 system and we finally have some energy and legs in the middle of the park, the lack of which I moaned about all last season. If we can keep Ryan and Akin fit we have the best central defensive pair in the division, although admittedly Akin made quite a few mistakes today.

I think all these ‘kids’ like Dempsey, Vennings, Davison and Henry when he plays are all starting to look the part , benefitting from that terrible spell 2 seasons ago when we had to play them too early in the Championship.

The biggest potential problem is that we are a striker light. Josh Davison tries really hard and he’s definitely going to be helpful off the bench this season but we need another established striker. Ronnie is very unlikely to be successful , particularly in the 4-3-3 system because his style works in a 4-4-2 when he can feed off the knockdowns etc.

Really nice to see a very young Charlton team finishing as the stronger, fitter team.

Recruitment certainly seems slower and more difficult this season but lets hope Thomas and his team can deliver us Another goal scoring striker to alternate with Jayden and we should have a decent season.

4 thoughts on “Striker Short

  1. Heard that we intened to use kids and save on transfers so there will not be anyone else in not even a striker were done with bussiness this season

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