Weve only got 11 players

I’m not complaining and I understand that there are still 3 weeks before the Transfer window closes but we are woefully short of capable players to compete in this league.

The fact that Adkins couldn’t bring on any subs until a cameo for Clayden in the last couple of minutes said it all. We played OK in a tight game but we are only an injury away from struggling at the wrong end of the table with the current squad. Jayden Stockley was outstanding on Saturday and if he gets injured heaven knows what happens to our season.

All this can change with some good loan signings and in recent years, Cullen, Bielik, Millar, Maatsen and Stockley have all arrived that way but we are certainly leaving it late and we appear more threadbare than ever, particularly in the attacking and creative player department.

Despite the current hoohah surrounding Thomas and his ambitious plans which are most welcome, ultimately fans will only come if we have a (mostly) winning team. The attendance numbers will quickly dwindle if we start losing.

Lets hope that major reinforcements are arriving soon otherwise we are going to have a very difficult season.

8 thoughts on “Weve only got 11 players

  1. What you talking about .. he had Davison Pearce and Watson on the bench he did not bring them on because anyone who understands football would know that with the game so tight to make chances could result in us losing the game

      • Davison had his most productive period at FGR when he played as co striker with their CF J Matt who is a big lad like Stockley. Matt missed a large number of games through injury which meant Davison was played in the CF role and it proved difficult for him. As I have said before Davison will be a CF when he gains more experience but should be playing alongside Stockley at this point in time, the midfield at present is not good enough and might benefit from moving Washington into a midfield role and replacing him up front with Davison. Frankly I am not overly impressed with DJ and I think his place should also be in doubt. The cup game against AFC Wimbledon should give NA the chance to try some different options as he needs to protect players vital for the league challenge.

  2. Agree – 11 players at best. Management must realize they are short but but the positive/unrealistic comments coming out do not inspire confidence that they do – eg Saturdays match was a “great game” (TS), “DJ was unplayable ” (IA)

  3. Let’s all put the cards on the table……the squad at the moment isn’t strong enough,or good enough to be in a promotion hunt.
    I must have watched a different game to Thomas and Adkins, going by their after match comments……we didn’t create a single good chance and if it wasn’t for Bannen fluffing a one on one with our keeper late on,we would have lost the game.
    I can understand the hierarchy wanting to be positive and enthusiastic…..but lets be realistic too.Us fans aren’t idiots and most of us know our football, and what was offered on Saturday will not do if promotion is the ultimate goal.
    I sincerely hope Adkins’ tactics this season will not be ‘the big punt upfield’ that we experienced too many times on Saturday,and that we invest in at least one creative midfielder.
    The squad must be strengthened with both experienced and hungry players,or the most that will be achieved this season will be a mid table position at best.

  4. Greg Brown…absolutely correct.To me there is something that is disturbing right now. The words don’t go with the reality..With the financial need to get out of this division, if money is tight why go the route( with no disrespect) and spend on the women’s team…We really blew it last season and should have gone straight back up as the team was good and experienced enough.nThis year I believe will be much tougher.

  5. I aint got much confidence in Adkins n always preferred King Lee but it aint right to chop n change gaffers n we ave to make to with who we’ve got. Morgan ad a few good chances but think e’ll make is mark this season. Dobson also done well n all n please less ave the red red robin back. King Roland didn’t ave a song in is same goes to show the new owner is all abahrt the ubris.

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