Thomas, Nige, Steve – when are the cavalry arriving ?

We looked woeful again last night and bear in mind this is just the lowly 3rd division. I know it’s only 3 games in but it’s 3 defeats on the trot if you include Wimbledon. With this team I would expect the 4th defeat to arrive against Wigan on Saturday.
I’d also be pretty confident that our current League position is our lowest ever since the club was formed in 1905?

I know it’s early days and no one gets promoted or relegated after 3 games – the problem is not just the results it’s also how we are playing – it’s unattractive, predictable and limited. We have looked clearly 2nd best in all 4 games.

Our midfield is just awful and goal-less. I always recall Peter Varney telling me that when he and SCP built the title winning team they prioritised goal scoring midfielders because you can’t go up without them – hence we had Jackson and recruited Hollands and Stephens.
I can’t really see any goals coming from Clare, Morgan and Dobson.
Up front we need a striker to play alongside Stockley and in the current squad if Stockley gets injured we might as well all send back our season tickets.
Finally we need to recruit not just young “bodies” who might turn out OK – Blackett- Taylor looks like another one in the Dobson and Clare mould – we need to recruit talented relatively experienced footballers like Stockley and Kirk.
If the cavalry aren’t about to arrive over the hill I fear a Little Big Horn at The Valley

2 thoughts on “Thomas, Nige, Steve – when are the cavalry arriving ?

  1. Shockin juss shockin. Wot are Adkins n Saandgard doin. Their winnin goal was dahn to poor defendin. I would let JJ run the ship I reckon e’d get them all sor’ed ahrt.

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