Catastrophic Failure of Recruitment at Charlton

I told my wife on Thursday that I was going to have £100 on Wigan to win at The Valley. In 50 odd years of going Ive never backed the opposition but it seemed to me that it was a banker bet. Anyway, she persuaded me not to do it because it would be ‘disloyal’.

I have no idea what the problem has been with recruitment – we can only speculate but the most likely explanation is that we haven’t got a sufficient budget to be competitive. The temporary acquisition of Corey Blackett Taylor speaks volumes about our problems. He was a bit part player for Tranmere in League 2 last year, maybe he’s a diamond in the rough but he very probably isn’t – he did nothing today to suggest he is any kind of answer and its a pretty safe bet to assume that he will disappear in January. Although it was close today until Wigan scored, they could easily have won the game by 4 or 5 goals given the fantastic saves our goalie made.

Ben Amos had zero saves to make all match and despite all the huffing and puffing we didn’t create a single goal scoring chance in the 90 minutes. The current team carries no attacking threat at all apart from poor old Jayden Stockley who tries his hardest and must end up with a king size headache after each game.

I never boo the team and I cannot see the point in the abuse at the end of the game. It’s hardly likely to give the players confidence for the next game. However, the frustration is understandable. It’s all very well pointing to the impending availability of loan players , but like Maatsen & Miller they go back and we need a stronger core of permanent players.

The current team is very poor and without 3 or 4 new experienced top League 1 players we will carry on losing. It wont be 5 years to Europe but more likely 3 years to Conference football.

7 thoughts on “Catastrophic Failure of Recruitment at Charlton

  1. Possibly the weakest Charlton team I have seen. Iniss & Famewo looked excellent together last season and worth the 25 clean sheets ambition but not this season. No idea where enough goals will come from either unless we get some good loans. A mid table finish will be a real achievement here. One serious, serious point; Stockley may be building up long term dementia or dementia related issues with these continual long range ‘on yer head’ tactics. I wonder if he ever thinks about this.

  2. Silly man AA – never let your heart rule your head.
    Look at it this way. Take advantage and pay off your mortgage. No goals from open play, hardly even a shot off, let alone on target, makes opposing us almost a guaranteed profit.
    Easy money taking us on. The bookies may twig (amazingly we were favs against Wigan) but make hay now.
    Profiting from our abject team at least makes the final whistle a slightly better pill to swallow.

  3. Yes we are obviously not good enough ….missing Gilbey and Forster-.Caskey. Kirk is a good buy but agreed I can’t see the other fella cutting it. I am sure that the owner and management are trying to buy in some promising players but are finding it difficult to attract them due to our current position….good loan signings are then the only option and hopefully by the end of October a good team will be playing with a chance of the play-offs. I am still optimistic that we will get promotion hopefully this year or the next but it’s going to be a slow building process I think.
    The fans are not helping when turning on the the players when things go wrong…..if they are doing their best (and they ARE making every effort to do this) and then are abused and jeered at then it doesn’t do their morale any good and endear them to the fans…..the team, the manager and the owner (who has saved the club remember) deserve to be encouraged.

  4. Usually you can’t seriously see how a season is panning out until 10 games have been played but after just 4 games this seasdon it is obvious we are big RELEGATION candidates. It is SO depressing!

  5. Yeah but the gaffer as to get the best ahrt of wot w’s got n Ackins aint doin this. But wot I see n ear is shockin juss shockin n I juss don’t see any answer to it either.

  6. I think Thomas needs to address the fanbase without all the sugar-coating and tell it like it is. Fans are sincerely grateful to TS for saving the club. However, he has brought a lot of criticism on himself – and NA too – by giving the misleading impression that Charlton will be competing at the very top level by smashing L1 this season; the PL in 5 years; and becoming an established European side in 10 – 15 years time. Although some of these statements are outlandish, while l admire TS’s ambition he has deliberately (or otherwise) raised the fans expectation levels and put unnecessary pressure on a very youthful, limited, and inexperienced squad to deliver. NA has compounded that with a similar statement of his own.

    The recruitment hasn’t lived up to the hype. I think it’s time for Thomas to tell a few home truths. Is he struggling to fund his ambitious plans? If so, then fine we can accept this. If he is struggling to recruit while putting downward pressure on salaries and that’s affecting recruitment – If that’s a priority – then fine, we can accept this. The problem is that the hype doesn’t match the reality. Fans deserve to know what the situation is. The fans are not mugs and don’t deserve to be treated as such. They recognise that it takes substantial funding to buy a club, balance the books, right the wrongs of the past and, still give an undertaking to purchase the Valley and the training ground.
    Fans are 100% behind TS and the club and they want to play their part. The club can only move forward positively if everyone understands the situation and pulls in the same direction. However, it is not helpful for the club hierarchy to over-promise and under-deliver. Let’s have some honesty and trust in each other and start to work towards rebuilding the club.

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