Charlton’s Bermuda Triangle

Great to get Elliot Lee on board yesterday but the comment I picked up on was that the deal all came together yesterday ( i.e in one day)

I don’t know about you but I find this whole recruitment/transfer of footballers game more than a bit perplexing. I am sure that Nigel has told us that our entire recruitment team, that’s Thomas, Ged, Steve and Nigel have basically been working 24 hours a day,7 days a week since we beat Hull in the last game of last season- that’s the 9th May until 26th August. If you include holidays of 3 weeks it still leaves them with around 344 man days or 2,752 man hours concentrating on player recruitment.

After all that, we do a deal for a bloke in a day who it seems had no idea we were interested the day before yesterday. Do you think our Elliott was target number 37 on our list of potential creative midfielders and the other 36 turned us down or were out of reach.

I’m not suggesting I could do any better and I’m not trying to be critical but the whole process does seem to be very strange indeed.

We can only be delighted that Elliot Lee emerged unscathed from the Bermuda Triangle of Charlton’s recruitment process and wish him well for Saturday. We certainly need him.

5 thoughts on “Charlton’s Bermuda Triangle

  1. Priority 37. Permanent signings were probably the priority until very recently. Thomas has saved our club, but underestimated the required budget to pay the wages of game-changers.

  2. Perhaps it isn’t strange at all AA? Perhaps it is part of a strategy to put downward pressure on salaries throughout the summer months when few games are played? Call me cynical if you wish but this could be a deliberate ploy to recruit late in the transfer window to reduce expenditure? All this nonsense about the transfer window being difficult doesn’t seem to have affected other L1 clubs from getting their business done early and all clubs ‘swim in the same pond’ when it comes to recruitment. I started the summer in optimistic mood given comments from the club hierarchy. However, Charlton’s relatively quiet recruitment campaign (compared to some L1 rivals), and the rather laborious dripfrrd from the club about pathways etc, has started to erode my optimism and patience as the the better players – and possibly some of Charlton’s targets – have been frustratingly recruited by others. Despite the rhetoric, l think it was always the club’s intention to focus mainly on the loan market. I would have had no problem with that as, after all, running a football club whatever the league, is an expensive business. I just wish there had have been a bit more transparency and honesty. Is that too much to ask for after all the nonsense fans have had to put up with in recent years?

  3. Certainly perplexing the recruitment has been in this open window and hopefully the current season will show that they were good choices. But I’ve always waited till Christmas to evaluate where the team will be positioned at the end of the season.

  4. Rubbish all round.are you suggesting Thomas didn’t know what he was taking on?we need minimum left back another experienced defender and priority experienced striker.

  5. Norfolk Red, a good possible scenario ….. but it has left us 11 points behind the pack after 4 games, and that will take some catching up in the months to come. God forbid we miss out on a promotion or play-off place on goal difference again….
    The season started on 7th. August NOT 28th. August – the club should have had its transfer business done BEFORE the first game, not 5 or 6 games into the season. It’s a complete nonsense and short-changes a very loyal fan base – I’m glad I didn’t waste money and join the other 3000 Addicks to see us dumped out of the EFL cup (or whatever the League Cup is called these days).

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