Bright Window

My mate told me to stop being so negative so this one is for you Jerry ! On the whole, I think we’ve had a very good window -signing young players like Lavelle, DJ, Kirk and Stockley to long term contracts is good business and helps to build the core for the future. The jury is still out on Dobson( outstanding last night) and Clare but they are also young and have shown enough to suggest that they will be good squad players and should continue to improve. Arter is a bit of a risk given his form over the last season but he and Lee should provide valuable experience and craft at this level. Lee’s goal last night was a peach and shows what he can do.

Famewo and Leko are young players who can play at Championship level and are likely to stay if we manage promotion. If we can get the best out of Albie together with the reinforcements the midfield looks decent with a few options up front. On top of that we’ve got some very promising youngsters with Davison, Elerewe, Clayden, Barker, Henry, Vennings and Burstow – lots to look forward to.

I enjoy reading “Charlton Life” but some of the moaning is OTT! – We all know that we remain a bit weak in the left back area but the recruitment has been very sensible ( if frustratingly slow) and I trust Adkins judgement on that , maybe an out of contract player will appear and if not he will find a way to deal with it.

Ive no idea whether we’ve got enough to mount a challenge but it will be up to Adkins, JJ and Jason Euell to find the best system and team to give it the best shot.

Anyway, the future’s bright, the future’s Charlton.

2 thoughts on “Bright Window

  1. There aint nothin wrong with bein negative sometimes n less face it the results weren’t goin our way til Crewe. I aint got the confidence in Adkins yourn ave but time will tell if e proves is worth n thass all there is to it. I think the new players will be ungry to get results n thass a good thing on ere.

  2. Let’s face it, there was a lot to fix in our club. The squad had been rundown substantially, patched up with loans and old heads. That was never going to be fixed in one window, not in a sustainable way anyhow. I agree, we have had a wonderful week, a very good window and we can now look forward to getting this group to gel and mounting a challenge. COYR

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