Terrible Tactics from Nigel

Nigel, Nigel, Nigel – why on earth would you play only 2 men in midfield, particularly when it consists of a 36 year old and a lightweight playmaker. I often think that the only real decision a football manager has to make is what system to play. In this division its a physical battle that you have to match before anything else. Choosing to play 424 and surrender the midfield to a tough battled hardened ex 4th division team was just stupid.

We were completely bullied, outnumbered and outplayed by little Cheltenham whose whole team cost less than one of Jayden Stockley’s legs. I watched the Bolton v Burton game the other night and short of decapitating an opposition player every other kind of physical assault was deemed OK by the referee. Depressingly, thats the division we are in and Nigel needs to wake up and smell the coffee while he is walking round the training ground.

We are going to get roughed up every week and the likes of Kirk ( very disappointing so far) , DJ and Morgan have got to find more strength to cope with it.

Im not really sure where the heart of the team is going to come from. Even the centre halves look weak. We can only hope that Harry Arter is fit and up for a battle. I really don’t know if Dobson is good enough but in the absence of any other battling energetic midfielder, he has to play.

If we continue to play like we did today – a team of strangers who don’t understand the system they are trying to play and aren’t up for a battle, its going to be a very difficult season indeed

7 thoughts on “Terrible Tactics from Nigel

  1. Was not terrible tactics .. just that Cheltenham took a gamble with 343 and overpowered mid which stopped us playing .. credit to them … second half we deserved a point and if DJ and Stockley score early second half we would be the winners

    • BigC – obviously football is all about opinions but it would have been a complete travesty if we’d got a point from the game – Cheltenham could easily have scored 4 just in the first half alone

  2. Shockin juss shockin, e’s now got better players but can’t even get them tactics right, thass why I still think on ere e aint right for ourn.

  3. Our supporters are already crying out for the manager to be sacked and give Jacko a go. It is the players on the pitch that have to show more character. The midfield is still very lightweight and the new players are still getting used to their new team-mates. Come on give the manager some leeway and judge him after a dozen more games. Ipswich are still trying to win a match and they have spent a lot of money forming a new team. Keep the faith. COYR.

  4. Got to agree with this. The defence were exposed by the wide players not dropping back to help the full backs, especially in the first half. So it goes

  5. Nigel Adkins should not be blamed if the players do not follow the plan he laid out and they trained for all week long. Another problem, of course is the late arrival of free agents who will need to get match fit. I suspect that like this game went, we shall have problems with players gelling, teamwork etc until Christmas.

  6. I’ve juss got a feelin Adkins aint right for ourn, ad it right from the start unlike King Lee who was tailor made, n so far I’m bein proved right on ere.

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