Charlton underdogs at Wycombe

It sums up our last 15 years really doesnt it ?

This is no reflection on Thomas Sandgaard who is really trying to turn round our club with both money and honest interaction with the fans.

But how on earth did we end up with a situation where 4th division Brentford are in the Premier League, Palace remain firmly there, Watford and Fulham yoyo between the Prem and the Championship and even Millwall are firmly established in the Championship. Meanwhile, we are 5th from bottom of the 3rd division and are the underdogs to get a result at recently non league Wycombe whose maximum ground capacity is 10,000. It is just ridiculous and stems from many years of bad ownership.

I want to be optimistic about our chances of getting a result today but the way we have been playing suggests otherwise. Perhaps the fact that over 25% of the crowd will be away fans supporting Charlton will help the players find both their motivation and talent.

Dark days indeed. Lets hope we upset the odds and overcome mighty Wycombe.


2 thoughts on “Charlton underdogs at Wycombe

  1. Well we failed to overcome the even mightier Cheltenham Town, I honestly can’t see us getting anything from this game.

    What’s that expression, ‘it gets darker before the dawn’ or something like that and I feel that will be the case.

  2. Next 3 games – Gillingham away, Pompey & Bolton at home. If we get 1 point from those 3 games under Adkins mis-guided “leadership” I’ll be surprised. Your first big test Thomas – sadly you need to bring in a new mind asap in order to try to salvage something from this season.
    Adkins has been hampered by the lack of transfer activity during the close season – the season started on the 1st Saturday of August NOT when the transfer window closed at the end of the month. THAT is the main reason why the team is playing like a bunch of un-fit strangers. But the lack of direction both on and off the pitch and ability to change tack when things aren’t working out during a game is Adkins responsibility and so far he clearly doesn’t have a clue.

    Bye bye Nigel and the sooner the better before we lose another 3 points on Tuesday at Pikeville.

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