How long does Nigel get ?

Given how poor we have been all season, todays result was totally predictable.

To be fair to Nigel, I thought the transfer window recruitment was decent but it was definitely too slow and doesn’t seem to have helped the team very much. We remain sorely lacking in the goal scoring department. I like Stockley but our game has become far too predictable with the hoof ball. Adkins either has to play a traditional 442 with Stockley supported by Leko, Washington or Lee OR he has to drop Stockley to the bench to force the team to play football on the floor. I think on balance that he has to drop Stockley and use him as a weapon from the bench until the team remember how to play football.

Hopefully, given the volume of midfielders we have recruited that somewhere in there we can get a decent partnership going.

Anyway, how many games does Nigel get before Thomas feels it necessary to pull the plug. My money would be on 10 games and unless we win a couple of the next 3, then Nigel’s time is likely to be up.

Given the funds committed by the owner so far, a position in the bottom 4 after 10 games would be inconceivable and unacceptable for all of us

5 thoughts on “How long does Nigel get ?

  1. I think you are being very generous. To say drop Stockley so the rest learn how to play again is ridiculous. It implies that isn’t what he has said to them and they are ignoring him. The blame has to lie with the manager. He determines tactics and style of play, not the players.He has some decent players but the set up seems all wrong and the hoof is far too predictable. All down to NA!

  2. I think Tuesday will be the deciding factor. If we are still in the bottom 4 after the fixtures we will have played then I think there has to be a change.

  3. End of the month I think….I can’t believe that he thinks dropping Stockley will make us play out from the back instead of hoofing the ball upfield…’s the manager who should instill into the players how he wants them to play…..don’t drop Stockley,drop the players that aren’t doing what they are asked to.
    I don’t think Adkins has a strong enough personality.Get someone in who doesn’t take any prisoners !!!

  4. We need a firm, ruthless coach ..Adkins should tell his players if they keep hoofing the ball up front, then he should drag them off and play someone who LISTENS to waht the coach says and wants!!

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