Time for Johnnie

Football management can be tough and short. I suspect that Nigel’s reign might fall into that category. There is no doubt that the delays in summer recruitment have caused problems and the inability to recruit a goalscorer to support Stockley may well prove to be the worst mistake of all.

While we were dominant, we should have scored 3 or 4 goals in the first half yesterday, but apart from Elliott Lee who obviously knows where the goal is – however much Davison, Washington and CBT tried very hard they never looked like scoring despite creating some excellent chances. Oh how we could do with a Glen Murray, a Billy Sharp or dare I say it a Lyle Taylor.

Saturdays game is likely to prove the watershed for Nigel. I have no insight into Thomas’s decision making process but my experience of working with Americans in business is that they don’t tend to be patient when things are going wrong.

If it were my decision, assuming another loss or draw on Saturday which seems highly likely , I would give JJ , supported by Jason, his first management opportunity.

Ex players, such as Firmani, Bailey, Curbs & Gritt, Curbs, Powell and Bowyer have all done well in the job and on the whole, supporters are a bit more tolerant ( only a bit !) when the team hits a bad spell.

Obviously I hope we win on Saturday and I will be cheering on the lads as usual. I don’t believe in booing or negative chanting, but if the result goes the wrong way, I’d be happy to see JJ given the chance.

6 thoughts on “Time for Johnnie

  1. Good attacking performance in first half / better defensively in second.
    We are work in progress..currently at best only as good as most other sides in the division but yet a stand-out team in the same class as Sunderland and Wigan….possibly Rotherham.
    If we continue to get better each week as we should then play-offs still possible.
    Blackett-Taylor, Lee, Watson, Matthews, Purrington all outstanding last night. All others did well also..I think only Morgan still does not quite measure up….Dobson a better player.

  2. TS is an owner of an American business but as you know is Danish. Danes are in my experience relatively dour so your comment about American business men may not be relevant (unfortunately)

  3. Changing manager after 8 games of a season is not a good idea, please let’s get a grip of our emotions and have some patience.

  4. However one feels about Nigel Adkins and his management so far, I wouldn’t be expecting him to be sacked (this side of New year anyway)
    Under Bowyer things went from bad to worse to crazy. TS didn’t sack him, he walked.
    I have great football love for JJ and hope he stays with us, (not so much Euell) In the event NA does depart, we need something more than JJ and Euell can supply.
    We need a highly experienced coach/manager to finally sort this team out and get the club heading in the direction TS loudly proclaimed it was going to be heading.
    So who? I would like to see Curbs back, many will tell me that’s a forlorn dream that will never happen and they may be right! So who else? I really don’t know, but possibly a foreign manager who has been at the top of his countries’ game. Could we lure such a man? I don’t know that either but TS does.

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