Bullied ( again !)

We just keep getting bullied and outplayed by every team. Tonight it was a physical athletic Bolton who took their turn to beat us up.

We’ve haven’t got enough or indeed any physicality in the team. How we miss even dear old Darren Pratley. There is no leadership or heart to the team. Yes sure they keep trying hard but we just get overrun and bullied by stronger, bigger and more physical teams.

To be fair, I thought that in the end our recruitment in the window was OK but it evidently wasn’t, our defence and midfield are just chronically weak. Special mention tonight should go to Adam Mathews who I have always thought was a decent player but he has been poor this season and tonight he was shockingly bad showing Bolton’s best player inside twice to let him score the 1st and set up the 3rd goal too.

Opposition managers keep spouting this nonsense about Nigel having an embarrassment of riches to choose from. I’d like to understand who it is they are referring to because pretty much every player looks either poor, weak or unfit or a combination of all three.

Thomas has to sack Nigel but whoever comes in is going to have a difficult job because we just aren’t very good and the playing squad is full of mediocre players even at the lowly level of League 1

We are in for a very difficult season. In the January window we will need to find some big tough leaders particularly in defence. We have become the archetypal Southern softie team in a division where being physical is essential

4 thoughts on “Bullied ( again !)

  1. Spot on ! Why no Dobson…our most physical midfielder !
    Bolton though are the most complete side we’ve played this season….they will be challenging for automatic promotion.
    We looked classy going forward and I’m confident that we will move up the table…starting with a win at Fleetwood.
    Mac in goal, Gunter, Purrington, Levine, Fameo (or Pearce)….Dobson, Gilbey, Clare, Leko, Davison, C B-T.

  2. I agree on the physical but do yourn reckon ourn would dahn in the rellies under King Lee. I don’t think so cos e never stood any nonsense from them players. Thass why Adkins muss go, e aint the right type of gaffer for ourn in League 1 n e aint was needed to get wins all e can get ourn is losses. So we’re only makin plans for Nigel n thass for im to go n thass all there is to it on ere.

  3. Curbs said last night “if he signed a player that may had all the skills, but last he asked himself did they have the character” Well most of today’s players at Charlton would not past that test? Some would say the same with new backroom executives?

  4. Bolton did a job on us, when we had the upper hand 1st half they slowed play down, passed it around the back and bought cheap free kicks- then hit us with a goal they barely deserved. I agree they look like contenders. Theres some sort of saying about building a team from the back, we seemed to recruit from the wings inwards and left the defence to the last.Every player should be a defender during the game- Josh Davison did plenty yesterday, we need that sort of commitment from all 11.
    Every player has fluctuations in form- we saw errors across the defence last year. Maybe Gunter would be better at the moment.
    As for Nigel – well whatever we all think its TS thoughts that count, and he didn’t sack Bowyer- he walked. My impression from CAST meeting 1 week ago was that the club has been set up with long term apps in mind. …but a week is a long time in politics and football.

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