Pantomime Defending

Sunderland should be looking forward to racking up a cricket score against us on Saturday. We can only assume that Purrington is injured because there is absolutely no other reason why Soare would ever play. He was terrible against Lincoln and even worse tonight. Famewo just looks like a bloke who has had such a bang on the head, he’s forgotten how to play football. Gunter just lets wingers cross at will, McGeady will be looking forward to some fun at the weekend.

Then lets consider the midfield, we know we are going to be in for a physical battle with the big Accrington bruisers so we pick Morgan and Clare !- is Adkins completely mad ? Morgan was OK and tried hard, Sean Clare has no physicality and is just not good enough. Gilbey played well. Rick Everitt made a good point on Charlton Life when he said we probably should have realised that this was going to be tougher than we hoped when we bought Dobson and Clare, neither of whom could get in other 3rd divsion teams last year. It was hardly a statement of intent was it.

Finally, do you remember the good old days of Curbs and even Bowyer in the Championship when we played 2 banks of 4 and 2 up front and when you watched us defending it was like table football because you could see then all moving left to right.

When you watch this Adkins team , they are absolutely all over the place, its like watching a kids game where they all chase the ball together. There is no proper shape or tactics.

If Adkins stays, we are nailed on for 4th division football next year for the first time in our history.

5 thoughts on “Pantomime Defending

  1. I’m sorry to say the time has come for a change of manager, we need a lift it’s depressing watching Charlton now all good teams are built round a solid defence , our defence is the worst back four I can remember in a Charlton shirt, I would love to see Chris Powell back at the helm , 100% Charlton good enough for England good enough for us.🤞

  2. 4 4 2 is the answer defend well push up from the back use the wings to stretch teams and provide a decent service to the two strikers playing the ball out from the back to midfield and then passing it back only allows the other team to push forward and makes us play deep with nowhere to go then we start panicking and making the all to familiar mistakes !

  3. Yeah but there were loss of fans wantin Powell ahrt cos of ourn bein in the rellies when e left. King Lee done a fantastic job n if the owner ad any sense e would’ve moved eaven n earth to keep im dahn our gaff. Lee didn’t suffer fools gladly on ere unlike Adkins. Adkins does cos e aint got any plan for gettin the team to play winnin footie, losin footie e can do well but thass not wot we want. Ere are ourn keep concedin free kicks so we know who is to blame the gaffer for not settin them up to defend. Thass why e muss go but why aint there no Adkins Ahrt protests, I can’t do it all meself next game.

  4. Thank gawd I won’t be needin the Adkins ahrt banner now, Good luck to JJ n JE cos they will need it but I juss ave faith in them on ere.

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