Good Luck JJ & Jason

Thomas bowed to the inevitable this morning and delivered the Spanish Archer to Nigel. Its a shame for a whole load of reasons but most of all because Nigel seems to be a really nice, positive and kind human being and frankly that’s what we should all aspire to. Nevertheless, the results have been terrible and whilst I don’t subscribe to the ’we’ve got one of the best squads in the division’ mantra, we certainly should not be in the relegation zone with this lot.

It’s time for experienced heads and if team selection were down to me, Firstly, I would revert to 442 – Pearcy would be straight back in the team at least until the January window when we need to acquire another solid centre half. Sure he will make mistakes, give away fouls and the odd goal, but Akin is currently doing that too and the team needs leadership blood and guts and our Jason is just the man for that job. Purrington would replace the Palace secret agent who just looks useless to me. Lavelle picks himself and someone tell Gunter that he’s playing for Wales and not Charlton and maybe he will defend properly.

I would also play Dobson at Sunderland, we lack aggression and energy in the middle and I don’t think we have anyone else who can do that job bearing in mind that Watson doesn’t have the mobility any more. I’d probably play Lee, Morgan and Leko as the other 3.

Up front, I would play Stockley and Washington and tell Connor that Saturday is a Northern Ireland game

Anyway, its definitely going to be very tough but JJ and Jason are both vastly experienced and history suggests that ex players have an excellent record for management at Charlton- Eddie Firmani, Mike Bailey, Curbs and Gritt, SCP to name a few.

Good Luck JJ & Jason


4 thoughts on “Good Luck JJ & Jason

  1. I don’t think that Jackson and Euell will be the answer. As coaches they would have had strong involvement in coaching the first team squad and their opinions would have had an influence on team selection. Nothing positive seems to have happened since Ged Rody arrived he appears to have had an adverse influence on recruitment and his position must also be under review..
    It will be interesting to see team selection on Saturday as this will give an idea whether Jackson has his own ideas. You are right to say that Pearce should be recalled because of his leadership skills and that a 4-4-2 line-up should be employed. Good results over next few games may not mean a lot as there is usually a bounce after a management change. If results are still good after 6 weeks then O.K.

  2. What a start to his caretaker manager job – Sunderland Away. The team that we like to beat as history tells us all. Good Luck to JJ and JE. Fond Farewell to Nigel. COYR.

  3. Thass juss wot I think. I am so appy them two are in JJ n JE. So wot if they was coachin before it aint the same as managin n look ow well King Lee done when e took over from Robinson. So less give them all the elp n support wot they need, Adkins was never really right for ourn n bein nice aint the way to get ourn winnin again.

  4. Totally agree with every point you make and I really hope the dynamic duo can come to our rescue and have success going forward. My feeling though, is that we need a completely new broom to sweep clean and start again. Chris Wilder comes straight to mind, but as I said good luck to JJ and JE. COYA

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