Oh Johnnie Johnnie

I don’t want to sound like too much of a know all , but hey we won so here goes. With the exception of picking Pearcey instead of Famewo, I picked the same team as JJ. It always makes you wonder when you spend 50 odd years watching your team – why the manager ( Nigel) doesn’t see the same obvious things as you. Dobson may not be Kinsella but he’s bloody energetic and gets stuck in and should have been playing for a while now. Purrington is a bit short of Championship class but in League 1, he’s an excellent defender. Gunter and Matthews have both been poor this season, but Matthews ,when he is concentrating, is the better player.

Then you’ve got to play 2 up front and it had to be Stockley and Washington. Who in the right mind would drop Stockley for Davison, madness ! Davison has promise but Stockley’s goalscoring record speaks for itself.

I don’t bet on football because I’m a horse racing man but I so fancied us to win yesterday that I had £50 on it, which would have been great but the odds at 5-1 seemed a bit skinny to me so I went for the 8-1 Charlton to win but Sunderland to score ( lets face it we are bound to let one in !) – that was a bit silly , but who cares we won which made it a very good day.

The trick for JJ and Jason will be – can they keep it going- Donny is a winnable game next Saturday and we need to start winning regularly now to climb out of the mess.

As someone on twitter put it, there are only 3 certainties in life for a Charlton fan, Death, Taxes and beating Sunderland.

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