Thomas should appoint Jacko

I think its perfectly reasonable and sensible for Thomas to have a good look around potential new managers for Charlton and see who is available before making his decision.

However, having done that and on the basis that another Arsene Wenger or Alex Ferguson is unlikely to emerge, he should appoint Johnnie Jackson.

Those of us who have sat through decades of underachievement and serial misery will tell you that the vast majority of bright spells that have emerged have been ex players with a strong connection to the club. Eddie Firmani, Mike Bailey, Alan Curbishley, Steve Gritt, Chris Powell and Lee Bowyer. The only complete outsider was Andy Nelson whilst Lennie Lawrence had previously been Assistant Manager ( and is by the way a genius in the mould of a Wenger). Weve only had one failure who was Alan Pardew and he just wasn’t a very likeable individual.

So that’s 50 years summed up there- your Sports Analyst or the stats weirdos at Brentford will tell you that there is the strongest correlation between successfully playing for Charlton and successfully managing the club.

The connection with the crowd is worth several points in a season. We really really care for the team and players when Jacko is on the sideline. We will roar them on until we are hoarse. I certainly couldn’t raise that level of enthusiasm for an Adkins team or any number of other clowns we have had in recent years.

Thomas should ask for a copy of the video of when we played Cardiff at the Valley on a dark Tuesday night in the Championship. Cardiff were flying high in the division and we went 2-0 down after 10 minutes, it looked like it could be a cricket score. Johnnie Jackson inspired the crowd and he single handedly dragged the team back into the game scoring two before half time and we ended up winning 5-4.

Thomas – my advice is go watch that video and then appoint Jacko as Manager and watch us fly.

2 thoughts on “Thomas should appoint Jacko

  1. Thomas has said that the appointment of a permanent manager is a “business decision” not a popularity one and that I would not disagree with, HOWEVER, as we have so often seen in the past manager’s that have all the statistical success can fail miserably in motivating players to their best. The have no love for the club – its only a job not a passion. In my opinion there will be much discontent if after the way Jacko has motivated the players and fans if he does not get the job on a permanent basis, Possibly a missed chance at a playoff or top table position at the seasons end.

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