Supercharged Performance

Weren’t we great to watch last night ? The team looks so well balanced all over the pitch. That is a tribute to the common sense of Jacko playing the right players in the right positions and motivating them to give everything. What on earth was Adkins thinking about not playing Dobson, Purrington and Pearce. Why wasn’t he playing 2 up top ? You can guarantee that when the new Ipswich manager is appointed he will abandon the one up front and start playing Pigot and Bonne up front together and they will be a different proposition when we go to Portman Road. Football just isn’t that complicated, particularly at League 1 level.

However and here is the vital ingredient, Jacko has found the key to getting results which is building a team which is greater than the sum of the parts. There is huge confidence to be optimistic for the development of our club. The first team squad now looks very good indeed full of energetic ( and contracted ) players capable of executing a successful pressing game and the U23’s and the U18’s have some fantastic youngsters coming through. If you have any doubt about that , go and watch the U18 6-0 away demolition of Northampton in the FA Youth Cup last week.

The Future is bright, the future is red and white

2 thoughts on “Supercharged Performance

  1. Thass juss wot I think n all abahrt only playin 1 up top. Once you sort ahrt the defence n midfield iss the best way to go. Ourn are doin so well, all them players done well, but why aint JJ got the job yet.

  2. Totally agree with your post if you look at any successful team from any league over the years the key element is consistency and continuity players thrive on playing in there best positions week in and out knowing where their team mates are on the pitch what runs they will be making are all key elements of taking other teams apart.


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