I want to report abuse at Charlton

I am perplexed by the “Report Abuse by Texting” messages that we are getting during the games at Charlton now. Which abuse of who to who is my question ? The bloke sat behind me yesterday was perfectly civil for 85 minutes until he completely lost it when the Wycombe goalie and quite a few of their defenders started to feign injuries and me , the wife and a family including two little kids plus everyone else sat near in Block F of the East Stand were treated to a constant tirade of ” you fu—king cheating c—t (s) for the remaining 10 minutes or so. I’d like to report him please. Does that constitute a textable offence and when should I do it and what will the club do about it ?

It certainly was abuse in my book and if I was the family with 2 young kids I’d certainly think twice about coming to Charlton again. They were obviously newbies because I’ve never seen them before and they disappeared at half time and didn’t reemerge until the 54th minute with chips, obviously not familiar with the renowned efficiency of the East Stand catering facilities. The other slightly perplexing point is that he was sitting in my son’s season ticket seat ( he wasnt at the game) so Im worried that I run the risk of wanting to grass someone up and getting my son banned or arrested instead. One of the unforeseen consequences of the ‘every game at Charlton is free’ promotion is that people now seem to sit anywhere they fancy.

I’ve not heard any racist abuse at Charlton for about 30 years or more – thats not to say it doesn’t remain an issue in society as a whole, but I do get really fed up with some of our supporters and their language. It has definitely got worse in recent years. My request to the club would be to modify the ABUSE messages over the tannoy because they are currently meaningless. It would certainly be great if one of the messages asked supporters to be considerate of others around them, particularly young children to stop using foul and abusive language. Perhaps we could reserve a special section in the ground for the ‘ I get slightly unhinged when we go a goal down and I’d like to spend the rest of the game swearing and abusing the referee and opposition’ They could have their own Mascot, so we could have Floyd, Harvey and someone dressed up as an American Pit Bull who bites everyone.

As for the game- much as Thomas Sandgaard remains in huge credit, whoever was in charge of summer recruitment and decided that we had enough goals up front – Stockley aside- was the bloke who decided that we were going to spend another year in League 1.

Without him we are completely toothless and unless we over recruit in the goalscoring department for next years campaign it will be the same story again.

9 thoughts on “I want to report abuse at Charlton

  1. Have to totally agree with CA regarding the unacceptable and bizarre behaviour of some of our so called fans.
    At a recent game I was totally bemused at the sight of about 10 males age range between 11 and 40s who spent most of yhe game swapping verbal insults and gestures with a couple of away fans in the Jimmy Seed stand at a recent evening game.
    I was horrified a couple of them who ignored a senior police officer and decided to struggle with him whilst taking his cap…..some of the Group filmed the event on their phones.
    The Group had clearly attended the game….sitting in the lower West stand in the block closest to the Jimmy Seed stand….no interest in the game preferring to enjoy being anti social and provocative.
    I know it’s a small minority but they need weeding out ASAP.

  2. We have stewards and part of their job is to continually look around to make sure everything is ok. If a problem occurs they can deal with it.
    At Charlton they stand at the exits and watch the game or disappear around the back.
    People causing problems of any kind should be easily spotted and there is no excuse for what happened to you.
    You pay for your ticket and are there to enjoy the game.
    They a paid to look after you.

  3. We did have Ronnie Schwartz on our books in the summer and until early in the season…but the real mistake was not replacing Chuks Aneke or offering him the sort of contract deal that would have persuaded him to stay on. Josh Davison is ok as a sub against tired defenders but when he starts games he doesn’t look anywhere good enough to trouble defences. His only goals have been tap-ins and while our midfield look full of energy and creativeness neither Elliot Lee nor Alex Gilbey look like they can regularly contribute goals from midfield. We need a goalscorer in urgently…

  4. why dont you sit in the family enclosure if you are concerned about what your kids have to listen to. because i tell you this now if you didn’t hear 1 swear word for 85 mins then there aint a league club in england that you would achive this again. Its a football match mate and people swear, get over over it. its people like you that make charlton a bit of a joke to other clubs.

      • It’s a question of degree – we all lose it from time to time and I’ve certainly lost it on many occasions at Charlton and sworn with the best of them but some people don’t know when to give it a rest and stop. I’ve been sitting in the same East Stand seats for 25 years now so I’ve got a pretty good idea of when the abuse is over the top and it was

      • I have to agree with AA…..
        I’ve definately witnessed a sad increase in both verbal abuse and in some cases physical abuse within the Valley from a minority of ‘fans’.
        Maybe it’s a cultural thing but I’ve a strong suspect that some are just interested in verbally abusing players and away fans rather than watching the game.
        They seem to be oblivious that very young children and women are close by.

      • I’ve attended all games since we returned to The Valley and aware that yes I’ve been guilty of losing it at some games…..but the level I’m hearing is beyond limits.
        Some fans think it’s their right to shout very obscene and personal comments to any player they target…..even our own !!!!

  5. Can’t agree more about the hr language. I sit in the family area between the North and East stands and there’s a dad who sits nearby with his 2 lads and they regularly hurl abuse and call either the ref or opposition a f****** c***. I’ve reported it previously to a steward and all I got was ‘ask him to stop’, not very helpful.

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