Goals win matches

Charlton sit in the lower reaches of the 3rd Division because we don’t score enough goals. We let Ronnie ( the Robbery) and part time Chuks go in the summer and instead of replacing both of them with better strikers, we chose to not replace either of them. If you add to that the departure of Liam Millar – who was very good at getting us up the pitch and Ian Maatsen likewise, we lost a lot of our attacking threat.

Stockley is our only real natural goalscorer. Washington is a good player but not a reliable goal scorer. Therefore when Stockley doesnt play either because of injury or being dropped ( Adkins was bonkers) we lose games. Its been the same since the beginning of the season.

I suspect that Thomas is realising that owning a football club is a very draining experience- particularly financially but unless we get on the front foot either in January or the Summer and recruit some goalscoring depth i.e not just one striker, but two, to help Stockley then we are facing a long spell in this dreadful division.

In my lifetime, we have never spent more than 3 consecutive seasons in Div 3. Next season is our 3rd of this spell and I really hope that Thomas and his team have a realistic funding plan to get us out of the Division. The fans deserve better.

One thought on “Goals win matches

  1. I totally agree with your comments the Charlton side we have are more suited to playing Norwich at the valley on a mild Saturday afternoon than travelling up north on a cold winters night Playing the likes of Crew and Morecambe if any other struggling teams were watching last night there’s a simple foil to hinder Charlton’s attractive flowing football stick 5 in defense, man mark everyone and mix it up its a winning formula !

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