Dreadful Performance

We chose this away game as a fun overnight in Cheltenham . Off the pitch, it was great fun – nice pub beforehand in the Brewery Quarter with lifelong friends and sons , walk to the ground and then a few pints afterwards and a curry in the posh quarter of Cheltenham- Montpelier.

Just great.

However, then there’s the game which was just terrible, we were out fought, out pressed (have we stopped that now) , outthought and outplayed. I think all this talk about us having a great squad and lots of quality in the team is just a load of complete nonsense that opposition managers use to motivate their team or wind us up – I’m not sure which. The majority of the players just aren’t any better than average League 1 and in order to make any progress, Thomas , JJ and the rest will need to accept that premise and rebuild accordingly.

Ive moaned about the behaviour of our fans before but I am sure its getting worse. We were treated to a soap opera of punches thrown between stupid people and drunk people in front of the burger stall where we were sitting which rumbled on for most of the game. This was followed by a volley of abuse to Jonathan Leko whenever he cocked something up in the corner near us ( which was often) and then at the end some bloke who had decided to select one Cheltenham female fan for abuse of every sort of level covering her sexual desires and preferences which he implied were very extraordinary.

If they arrested 3 Cheltenham fans for ‘homophobic abuse’ they could have easily arrested 10 or 20 Charlton fans for some of the nonsense that was going on

Anyway- apart from the game itself , the result and our own fans – everything else was great

what’s not to like ?

2 thoughts on “Dreadful Performance

  1. Yeah why aint they bannin them abusive fans, we don’t want them dahn our gaff or away, They find ahrt who they are on cctv thass why iss there for the omophobes, exenophobes n sexists n all. There a dissgrace n ourn muss do more to get them ahart for good.

  2. At least you had a good weekend of it that’s the main thing, despite the Charlton Intellegencia who, as I’m sure you’ve realised, are beyond help. Give a moron a pint he can’t handle and watch what happens.
    Anyway the team, this team, I agree the squad is just woeful. Can’t think of a single player that would make it into any low ranking championship team and that just about sums us up.
    Attitude also stinks. Didn’t try for Adkins (weird outdated methods so fair enough), tried for Jacko because they wanted ‘their mate’ to get the job, once he did they stopped trying again. Jacko not doing anything different since appointed but in any walk of life, always difficult to step up from one of the lads to boss man.
    Hopefully Skiverton will help sort the men from the boys so next seasons promotion campaign isn’t to get us back to the division we know (so so well) and hate.
    This team is defiantly not too good to go down.

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