Ditch the Black Shirts

Whilst we all know that Saturday’s match at Cheltenham was 11 v 11 there were numerous occasions when it appeared that we were hugely outnumbered on the pitch. Part of that was the fact that Cheltenham’s red and white bodies were all over us in many places, but part of it is our black kit.

Now bear with me here, if this was only coming from me as an optically challenged 64 year old, you could dismiss it, but my son who boasts 20/20 vision and shoots for GB made the point as we were watching that it was difficult at times to distinguish between our players and the predominantly black jacketed crowd, particularly at pitch level. Bearing in mind the margins for error at the pace EFL football is played, selecting black as your away kit in tiny enclosed grounds where most of the crowd are wearing black is a mistake.

I’m sure if you asked Ryan Inniss and Sean Clare why they made diabolical and suicidal short passes in the first half – they would blame the black shirt phenomena – ………….well, I would !

Ditch the black shirts and lets have a luminous green , yellow or orange – at least it would look like we had loads of players on the pitch.

8 thoughts on “Ditch the Black Shirts

  1. Hi AA
    You are not alone in your thinking. I have had a career in the textile/fashion industry since the 1960s, black can be used as a very dramatic colour on a bright sunny September afternoon, OK. However against a dark background in winter it makes pretty good camouflage. Thanks for your postings I find them enlighting.

  2. remember the England (Euro ’96) and Manchester United (95/96) Grey kits that were accused of the same thing…
    What about all those years we played with a black away kit …19/20, 14/15, 12/13, 06/07 …

  3. I agree 100%. I remember a game away to Millwall years ago, we played in silver grey, I couldn’t pick out our team and I’m pretty sure the players would have struggled to see team mates.
    I’d go for yellow, we had a good record in that kit.

  4. When the whole colour spectrum is available I really don’t understand why the club would opt for black anyway. Furthermore, the historical connotations of black shirts are morally repugnant…

  5. Never have understood the penchant for Black football strips. A bright alternative to Red makes much more sense. Yellow for me.

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