Sandgaard deal with JJ makes sense

There is a lot of angst about JJ’s league position contract deal with Sandgaard .

It seems to me that the deal makes perfect sense. In the event that the results had continued to dip under JJ as they did under Adkins and we were in danger of relegation then the fans would be calling for JJ’s head regardless of how well he is regarded.

I think JJ has done a good job so far but given that there is still a small chance of us getting dragged into a relegation battle, if I was Thomas I’d want to be sure that was a not an outcome before I confirmed JJ’s position for next season. Hopefully, we are pretty close to that now.

I am all in favour of giving JJ a clear run at next season as early as is sensible but I understand where Thomas is coming from.

There is also no doubt that the current group of players with a few exceptions are nowhere good enough to get us promoted next year.In terms of the team there is a lot of work to be done to be competitive.We need more warriors like Innis, Dobson and Stockley on the pitch. This division is brutal and relentless and we have too many inconsistent players.

Early recruitment this summer will be key rather than all this hanging around – all the business has to be done late nonsense – by which time we’ve already lost a few games next August, while the team beds in !!

6 thoughts on “Sandgaard deal with JJ makes sense

  1. Although I agree with the synopsis, reality tells us we never get the right players in early.
    I’m not sure why, but it’s always left to the last minute, and never seems to follow the idea of filling or upgrading the gaps.
    We have three main strikers and they are all prone to injury. We have a raft of avarage midfielders and our best centre back is fragile to say the least.
    This is not a good foundation for a title winning team.
    Our owner would have have very deep financial pockets to rectify this problem as wholesale change in recruitment (which his son is now involved in) and replacing half the team is beyond his finances.
    I think we are stuck in L1 for the foreseeable future.

  2. Yes,I agree,for several seasons now our recruitment has been too late and poor. As much as Thomas has been our immediate saviour he doesn’t have the finances to build a promotion winning side.
    Our opponents yesterday got it right pre season and bought players early who were top players in League One,and it it now bringing dividends. I think we have only four or five players in the whole squad who would be worth keeping next season.

  3. We had 18 year old up front 17 year old on bench 3 strikers missing other players at 1all Ryan Ennis was wrestled to the ground ref didn’t have a view linesman did we have hard fixtures coming up with depleted squad what do want another manager coming in the summer another season wasted getting a squad together owner won’t endulge with agents we r missing out on players he saved us correct we r shopping in farmfoods instead of marks and Spencers jacko hasn’t been given a pre season to me the owner doesn’t want him

    • Replacing JJ is not the answer….he has an experienced backroom as well to call on.
      We just have mediocre players in key positions.
      You could be right about the owner……I think he was reluctant in appointing JJ…..the options were too costly having paid off the existing manager.

  4. Yeah but JJ deserves to stay on as gaffer. We can’t keep choppin n changing n we don’t need PR pay dahn our gaff either, Gice JJ the tools to juss get on with it as Curbs would say n thass wot e’ll do. We need to get new players in early like your sayin on ere n keep the battlers like Dobson n all. I aint sure abahrt Innis n Stockley cos of their injuries but then thass wot the medics ave to sort ahrt.

  5. Thomas has to rely on what people tell him and what he sees with his own eyes as he obviously has a passion for the game but like a lot of us self proclaimed experts , does not really have a clue on his own and his decisions have to count ( Part of the fun of football is we all know better). Its not easy and as with a lot of things Lady luck will again play a huge part in the way we get out of this division , so for me its fingers crossed and eventually we will stumble across a winning formula but please hurry up .
    JJ with a bucket load of wedge seems perfect to me , come on Thomas its that simple.

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