Well that was terrible, although without a recognised striker it was always going to be tough. Oxford were good but we made them look like Barcelona.

There are just too many poor or weak players in the team. I’m not a fan of any of our midfielders apart from Dobson. The combination of Morgan, Lee and Gilbey is just weak. For next season, I would keep one of them only. We need to add more strength alongside Dobbo.

Our 2 wingbacks or whatever they are called, Purringon seems to have completely lost his mojo/ confidence. Apart from allowing Taylor to score the first, he just looks miserable about playing football. Adam ( show the guy inside yet again for goal no 3) Matthews just looks clueless

Leko isn’t a striker or a winger in fact I don’t know what role he is equipped to perform. DJ is a middling 3rd division winger, not even as good as Danny Green or Scott Wagstaff from previous 3rd division teams.

The only bright sparks today were Burstow who played well when he came on and the late cameo from Campbell.

We have problems galore and a huge clear out of players will be needed in the summer. Thomas appears to have business woes with the value of Zynex dropping alarmingly over the last 12 months. I hope he’s still got the financial firepower and motivation to invest enough to make us competitive next season.

I’m going to give Tuesday night a miss because we have zero chance of getting a result against MK Dons. Ive never had a bet against Charlton and I’m not going to start now but MK Dons to win by at least 2 goals looks nailed on to me. Who knows how long the strikers are out for but if it lasts for much longer the last couple of months are going to get very nervy. Sorry to be pessimistic tonight but it was awful wasn’t it !

2 thoughts on “Painful

  1. Shockin,shockin, shockin juss shockin. We don’t know ow long Stockley will be ahrt for but we need im back dahn our gaff asap.

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