Park the Bus

How about giving that a try tomorrow night ? Presumably we will have no strikers available again.

Grinding out a 0-0 draw would be a excellent result given the current availability of players and loss of form for many of those who are playing. We have reached a point where even a visit from those titans of football history, MK Dons in the 3rd division has to be viewed with huge trepidation.

Has anyone ever tried 2 goalkeepers with 9 outfielders – is that actually permitted. We could have MacG covering the left and Hendo the right side of the goal. Hendo comes for the corners and crosses whilst MacG does the shot stopping and holding onto long shots. Maybe we could have 5 centre halves in front of them. The possibilities are endless.

I’m glad I don’t have JJ’s job !

4 thoughts on “Park the Bus

  1. Put the kids in and get behind them.
    I don’t want to watch us trying to get a draw and end up falling to pieces again.
    I would love to see Burstow and Kanu together .
    It would give me a positive reason for going, and the crowd would be up for it and right behind the team.

  2. Stockley – Pointless playing him again (if and when available). Send him to the beach to fully recover from his back, hip, little finger or whatever else.
    Washington – totally ineffective without Stockley so likewise with him.
    Rest of the team – they are already on the beach even with 2+ months left to play.
    Those 2 from Chelsea/Spurs – what was the point.
    And with TS biz taking a massive financial hit will he have the means or will to input the funds needed for next season.
    Oh dear………

  3. Yeah but they aint got experience n the crahd will get on their backs if ourn lose again, not good for their confidence a mix might work.

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