Morons who boo their own players

How on earth can anyone boo Harry Maguire in an England shirt is beyond my comprehension. He has been absolutely outstanding for England and helped set up 2 of the 3 goals last night. The people who did it last night are just thick morons and unfortunately every club has a sizeable section of them.They are literally like sheep, one thicko starts it up and it spreads like COVID amongst the others who are incapable of thinking for themselves.

I don’t actually understand why any ‘supporter’ boos anyone on his own team- its just stupid and counter productive if the collective will of all of us supporters is to get the players to play better, it just makes them feel resentful.

Its great to see Miles Leaburn scoring a hatrick for the U23’s yesterday, playing well above his own age range. However, it put me in mind the abuse his Dad used to get when he played for us. He was an excellent player, focal point for attacks, unselfish, brave and scored his share of goals. However, he was tall and could look lumbering and ungainly at times and a section of the crowd expected him to combine his strength with the grace of someone 6 inches shorter. Miles is 6 foot 5 inches tall now and Charlton will need to be very careful with how quickly they bring him on.

Supporters are supposedly more patient with home grown talent – except they aren’t, Nick Pope, Morgan Fox, Kevin Lisbie and Karlan Grant are just a few of the talented youngsters who got a hard time from the ‘home supporters’.

I well remember standing behind a guy at Selhurst who used to spend the whole game shouting at and berating Robert Lee as useless and he went on to play for England.

Deluded Football Club Owners

I continue to be very supportive of Thomas Sandgaard and grateful that he rescued our football club.

Nevertheless, Its always alarming when football club owners talk about their clubs as businesses that should be operating as break even or profitable entities. With the exception of a very few Premier League clubs this is an impossible dream. Thomas is burning cash – this year its £8m and it will be a similar amount next year. Its a very expensive hobby for very rich people. On a bigger scale its like owning Boats or Racehorses. Unless you get a ’bluebird’ result every couple of years ( think Lookman for £13m or a Derby winner) its going to be a huge cash drain. Whilst I admire Thomas’s chutzpah for thinking that there are huge untapped revenue earning opportunities at Charlton, it smacks of American businessman bullshit to me and anyone who has worked with US companies will recognise the patter.

The only thing that will bring revenue paying (not free) customers to watch Charlton is a successful winning team. Results are the only thing that matters. Supporters don’t even really care about playing good football , they just want to win and 1-0 every week would work just fine. Im sure Thomas realises that and I hope that he doesn’t fall for the stupidity of Roland’s mantra that we all just go for a community day out.

We need to create an athletic, tough, tall and physical team for next season to compete at the top end of the 3rd division. No more flaky, tippy tappy, ghosty overrun disappearing midfield ( Dobson excepted).

I’m not going on Saturday because to be brutally honest – particularly with what’s going on in Ukraine I can’t face more depression. It’s difficult to see any other result than a convincing win for Sunderland and it will make for another angry atmosphere and that’s not fun or entertainment.

Finally, I hope that there is some recognition in the club that the current policy of trying to fill the ground EVERY week with free tickets is not entirely welcome. I’m totally supportive of doing it for some games and more games than in previous seasons, but as a 35 year season ticket holder I’m getting a bit fed up of sitting next to deafening primary school kids who keep getting up to go to the toilet or in front of an abusive enraged nutter – maybe its just old age !

The events in Ukraine serve to remind us all that life is very precious and short and we should be kinder to each other so don’t be too nasty to Jermaine Defoe ( unless he scores)